Joy: GOP Aren’t Patriots, Disrespect Veterans & Lock Up Kids — Gets Blasted

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Joy Behar is making crazy accusations against all Republicans. She was visibly upset when she claimed Republicans are the ones who disrespect veterans, put kids in cages, and aren’t patriotic at all. Behar thinks the Democrats are the real patriots. Well, immediately the 76-year-old View cohost got blasted by patriots who are sick of her lies.

Joy Behar and President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Joy Behar, like so many others who suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome, was completely disappointed by the debacle that was Robert Mueller on Capitol Hill Wednesday. In fact, Behar thought Republicans treated Mueller shamefully when they did their job and asked pertinent questions about his bogus investigation.

“They were very disrespectful, I thought, the Republicans. They have a tendency to be disrespectful to veterans in this country. First, it was John Kerry, swift boating him, a wounded veteran of the Vietnam War,” said Behar.

Joy is really a poor loser and sounds as crazy as the Mueller report.

Bringing up Obama-shill John Kerry, who was running for president at the time those “swift-boat” campaign ads came out, is hardly the entire Republican Party “having a tendency to be disrespectful to veterans.” But Joy was just getting warmed up.

“Then it was Meghan’s dad, John McCain. His service to the United States was minimized and made fun of basically by this guy [Trump], and now this. A guy who served in Vietnam and president bone spurs did not serve in Vietnam, and they have the nerve to back [Trump] instead of this veteran [Mueller]. It really is upsetting,” declared Joy.

So, Joy’s beef isn’t with the entire Republican Party.

It’s really with the Democrats. She’s just a spoiled Hollywood celebrity who is so upset the Democrats didn’t deliver on “arresting Trump” and Mueller turned out to be a big joke. Still, big mouth Behar wasn’t finished with her screed against Republicans.

“I don’t want to hear the Republicans say that they are the most patriotic party anymore. I don’t want to hear it or family values, as long as they’re locking up children. I don’t want to hear it anymore,” Joy concluded.

Barack Obama put kids in cages. In fact, he started the practice. However, Joy Behar isn’t interested in the truth as the video shows: 

Poor Joy’s waited two long years for Robert Mueller to take out Trump. She was promised that would happen. Now, she directs her rage and anger at Republicans and President Trump. Well, she got blasted on social media. 

@JoyVBehar veterans absolutely deserve respect HOWEVER when a veteran fails to uphold the oath to defend/protect the constitution from all enemies foreign or domestic, and actively participates in attacking the constitution, that veteran becomes a traitor and deserves prison,” tweeted “Mike the Knight.”

“Just saw Joy Behar complaining that Republicans were disrespectful to Mueller. It’s interesting to see how the word RESPECT changes in her world, particularly after all her terrible outbursts,” tweeted Clare Diez.

“Joy Behar calls Republicans DISRESPECTFUL for tough questioning. I call Democrats DISRESPECTFUL for USING a confused old man!” tweeted Twitter user “Joyce.”

“And! Joy Behar says that the Republicans were disrespectful to the Vet, Mueller and yet the Dems have made a daily diet of disrespecting police officers, ICE and Border Patrol who put their lives on the line protecting this country!’ tweeted Eleanor Cane Phillips.

The Democrats are still running around Capitol Hill holding press conferences trying to salvage their narrative that President Trump is being controlled by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The big problem is the majority of Americans, even most Democratic voters, aren’t buying it.

Prior to Robert Mueller’s disastrous testimony, 59 percent of Americans said the House should not begin impeachment proceedings, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll. Can you imagine the percent of Americans who are now against the Democrats and their witch hunt?

Those like Joy Behar who invested two years into being duped by the leftist media who reported Robert Mueller would be the man to finally “get rid of Trump,” are now completely shattered. But that’s no reason to broadcast false accusations against the Republican Party, President Donald Trump, and his supporters. Joy comes off like a deranged patient off her meds, and it’s high-time she retires.

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