Joy Says Senator Hatch Should ‘Go To Jail’ For Supporting Trump, Gets Destroyed

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Joy Behar just can’t stop herself. Now, she is attacking Orrin Hatch, the 84-year-old senior senator from Utah, just because he is supporting President Donald Trump. Hatch made the former comedian very angry when he shrugged off the ridiculous allegations from the Robert Mueller investigation. But that’s not all. Joy said he should go to jail after he said something that Behar didn’t want to hear. Well, she immediately got destroyed. You’ll love this. 

Joy Behar (left), President Donald Trump (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube, Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Joy Behar has one big Christmas wish, and she was sure it would come true until Senator Orrin Hatch stepped in. The 75-year-old former HLN Network host is banking on the Robert Mueller investigation to put President Trump in prison. 

Yes, we realize her wish is far-fetched. It proves just how intense Trump Derangement Syndrome can get. Nevertheless, Behar is convinced that the president has committed a slew of felonies and Mueller is so close to slapping handcuffs on the Commander-in-Chief. That’s why she was so upset at Senator Hatch.

“I don’t know if you saw this clip of Orrin Hatch, the esteemed, so-called senator from Utah,” Behar said. “I used to like him because he was very friendly with Teddy Kennedy,” she added, referring to the late Massachusetts senator.

Behar then described a clip – that The View did not air during the segment – in which she claimed Hatch said he didn’t care if President Trump and his former attorney Michael Cohen committed crimes together.

The important part to remember here is that this is Joy’s interpretation of the Hatch interview. In reality, the senior senator shrugged off the allegations. Hatch said, “The Democrats will do anything to hurt this president, anything…I don’t think [Trump] was involved in crimes. Even then, you can make anything a crime under these [campaign finance] laws.”

The CNN reporter pushed and pushed Hatch and kept saying, “Don’t you care the president allegedly committed crimes?” The elderly senator got a little fed-up, and said, “I don’t care. All I can say is, he’s doing a good job as president.”

Well, Joy-less hated that answer. She can’t stand that a large part of the American people view this investigation as a witch hunt. That’s when  
Meghan McCain reminded Behar that Hatch is “almost gone” and Behar fired back, “Don’t they care about democracy anymore?”

“[Hatch] is going out of office. He has nothing to lose by speaking, against, truth to power about Trump,” Behar said. “Why does he say, ‘Even if he commits a crime, it’s OK?’ Maybe he needs to go to jail, too.”

The former comedian wasn’t really angry that Hatch failed to care about these alleged crimes. She’s pissed off that Hatch burst her bubble. The senator from Utah reminded Joy that Trump is doing such an excellent job as president, and he dismissed the allegations as nonsense. 

It’s probably the first time Behar has heard anything outside of her cocoon of CNN and MSNBC. Now, her Christmas wish might not come true. This is a direct result of the failed mainstream media who refuse to report facts. 

Well, Joy got destroyed on social media by Americans who gave her one huge reality check. Twitter user “Dave” sounded off by tweeting, “Yeah that’s right @JoyVBehar you stunned loudmouth twit… democracy is tossing US Senators in jail for not stabbing the @POTUS in the back, because your communist views demand it.”

So many Americans across the country were downright irate, like Twitter user “Stephen,” who posted, “Have you lost your mind? Speaking out against the POTUS is now a jailable offense? Your DELUSIONAL JOY MEDICATION CAN NOT FIX YOU!”

Then, there was “Gort the Conqueror” who got to the heart of the matter, tweeting, “Every time you say something like ‘Orrin Hatch should go to jail’ for not engaging in speech you approve of… I wonder how someone so abysmally stupid wound up astride a platform as huge as the one you have. Pathetic.”

The American people see right through loudmouth Behar and find her delusions about Trump going to prison ridiculous. Behar recently apologized after saying “God forbid” Trump lives another 20 years and has come under fire for mocking Vice President Pence’s Christian faith.

She essentially has rejuvenated her career with over-the-top anti-Trump rhetoric and last month declared that it would be “a good day for Donald Trump to resign.”

So, now we wait. It’s going to be a dark day at The View when all Mueller comes up with nothing. Joy Behar might have to be wheeled away from the ABC set to a padded room. Now, that would be a great Christmas gift for so many Americans who are sick and tired of her blabbering nonsense against the president, who is actually making America great again. 

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