Joy Laughs While Telling Lie About Trump, But Kellyanne’s ‘Nasty Surprise’ Makes Her Cry

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Joy Behar was on live TV when a fake news report from ABC was given to her. Bozo Behar exclaimed with enthusiasm, “General Michael Flynn has promised full cooperation and said, Donald Trump, as a candidate, had told him to contact the Russians!” Immediately, Behar tweeted out, “Christmas came early,” with the video of her reading the bogus news report. Well, she was caught crying after Kellyanne Conway gave her a “nasty surprise,” forcing her to do something unexpected.

Joy Behar (left), Kellyanne Conway (right) (Photo Credit: TMZ Video, YouTube/Screengrab)

After Joy Behar made such a spectacle of herself on Friday, reading the “fake news” report from Brian Ross of ABC, conservative pundits were waiting for Monday morning. Would The View, specifically Behar, issue a retraction? Several “joyful” tweets went out from The View, showing loud-mouthed Behar shouting lies about Flynn and Trump, even after ABC issued an apology and suspended Ross for four weeks.

Behar herself doubled down by re-tweeting the story several times, knowing full well the report was lies. Flynn had pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, but that’s it. Trump was not a candidate when advisers in his incoming administration told Flynn to contact over 20 countries around the world. There is nothing criminal there — talking to Russians is not against the law.

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and it’s beginning to look a lot like collusion,” guest co-host Ana Navarro said. Behar later went on to describe her excitement as the “antithesis of election night” when she mourned over Donald Trump’s win. The hags went on to say “Trump must resign immediately,” with Sunny Hostin screaming, “This is an American moment!”

Never-Trumper shrew Ana Navarro went on to destroy Gen. Flynn, spewing lies and saying, “He invited the Russians into our election.” How dare these nutjobs malign Flynn based on liberal lies put out by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and their henchmen? They went on in celebration for over seven minutes, with only Meghan McCain cautioning them to not react too quickly.

The View producers later posted the segment to its Twitter account where it was widely shared. Sadly, most politically charged tweets from The View will receive thousands of retweets and “likes.” Even knowing this, idiots like Behar and those who run The View refused to stop spreading the lies.

However, Trump supporters quickly commented on their social media pages, letting everyone know that they were peddling lies as part of the media. It is unethical behavior, and Flynn should sue them for defamation of character.

All Special Counsel Robert Mueller could get to stick on Flynn is this “lying” charge, and it pales in comparison to his selfless dedication to serving this country his entire adult life, putting himself in harm’s way, so uncouth loud-mouthed nutjobs like those on The View can live in the greatest nation on earth.

Joy wouldn’t budge, refusing to retract her comments or delete her Twitter posts, and sadly, there were so many useful idiots who were eating up the lies she was posting. That’s when Kellyanne Conway decided enough was enough. Kellyanne tweeted, “Why is this celebratory tweet (and clip) on still active when their network was forced to correct the grievously false reporting it is based upon?”

Nita Phillips, a Trump supporter, tweeted to Joy, “Nice editing Joy! LMAO We wanna hear the big news again…how CANDIDATE TRUMP DID WHAT? Got punked by ABC fake news huh? Too funny!” That’s when Joy got scared and humiliated.

The tide was turning after Kellyanne stepped in, alerting the Trump army on social media that Bozo Behar was refusing to issue an apology and was still spreading the fake news that even her own network had retracted. Joy had exuded giddiness after the fake news report when she said, “This is such a happy day!” Now, she was crying, realizing that Kellyanne Conway had just unleashed the holy hell of faithful Trump supporters, and they were showing no mercy.

Joy Behar’s now deleted Tweet. (Photo Credit: Joy V Behar/Twitter)

So, what did she do? Did she do the right thing as a responsible “media” personality? Of course not. However, the pressure from Conway and the Trump fans scared her into deleting all her posts that merely mention Trump from a couple weeks back. As for The View, same thing. They just clicked the “delete” button on all their celebratory tweets and deleted the unsufferable seven-minute segment from their YouTube account.

No apologies to their “viewers,” nor even a mention on it Monday morning when they went back on the air. I do believe if Kellyanne Conway had not alerted the patriots of this country that these lies were still posted, Behar and the rest of the hags on The View would have kept the lies posted.

I only regret not being a fly on the wall when “Joy-less” freaked out, deleting weeks of Trump bashing from her Twitter account. The View is a disgrace, and as a woman, I detest the shrews on that show assuming they represent all American women. Only brainwashed idiots could suffer through tuning in daily after it’s turned into an hour-long Trump hate-fest.

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