Joy’s Shocked, Show Cuts Off After Mueller’s Witness Drops Bombshell Clearing Trump

George Papadopoulos is the campaign worker who became Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s big witness in his case to prove President Donald Trump colluded with the Russians. Papadopoulos appeared on The View, and Joy Behar was jumping with excitement, thinking he would shed light on how Mueller will get Trump impeached. Then, it all went wrong as Papadopoulos cleared Trump with bombshell evidence, and a shocked Behar lost it as the show was cut off. You’ll love this.

George Pappadopolous (left), Joy Behar (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

The View is having a tough start to their new season. Yesterday, it was Omarosa playing her “secret Trump tape” which proved Hillary Clinton was guilty of paying for the bogus “Trump-Russia” dossier and setting up a go-between using the law firm “Perkins-Coie” to pay for it thinking it could never be traced back to her.

That segment caused Whoopi to freak out. Mad World News previously reported, “What did Whoopi do immediately after the [secret Trump] tape was done playing? She panicked, cutting the show and went to commercial. Then, they never mentioned this tape again during the entire show!”

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That was on Monday. The next day, Robert Mueller’s so-called key witness against Trump, George Papadopoulos, shows up as The View’s main guest. The shrews of The View were no doubt sure this key witness would spill the beans about how the Special Counsel was so close to proving the president is guilty and needs to be impeached.

Except, once again, no one over at ABC did their homework. And it was almost like déjà vu with Omarosa. But before we get to Behar’s histrionics, you have to understand who Papadopolous was to the Trump campaign,

In reality, George Papadopoulos was a minor player living in London. He was only 28 years old and had been soliciting the Trump campaign for a position. He was an unofficial volunteer “foreign advisor” to the campaign in spring of 2016.

He was targeted by the cabal at the DOJ and FBI as someone they could set up, hoping he would take the bait they fed him through a now outed British CIA asset named Alexander Downer. Downer “ran into” George at a bar in London and told him, “I have a ton of Hillary’s emails. Don’t you think the Trump campaign would love to get a hold of them?”

So, here’s the kicker and why Joy was so shocked and was rendered utterly speechless. On The View, Joy asked George, “You never told anyone at the Trump campaign about the emails? Is that what you are saying?!” Papadopoulos answered, “Yeah, I have no recollection of doing it…” Which at that point, snarky Sunny Hostin rudely cuts him off saying, “Not having any recollection of not doing it and not doing it are two different things.”

The leftist audience burst into applause, and Joy can be heard chuckling, all of them totally clueless of what is to come. George says, “Let’s not forget I was living in London at the time. I wasn’t in some sort of headquarters…” Again rude Sunny Hostin cuts him off sarcastically saying, “But that doesn’t affect your memory.”

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Now, Joy’s excited to get the Trump dirt that she is positive is coming. She tells George, “Quickly, we are running out of time.” The truth is they had an entire second segment coming up with George and his wife. Remember, the topic is Hillary’s emails and the shrews on The View are sure Papadopolous somehow is the link who got those emails to the Trump campaign. They think the emails are the smoking gun proving Trump colluded with Russia. 

Papadolopolous says, “Ok, but here’s how I was transmitting information to the campaign and it was 99% over email. And so if it would have been sent it would have been over email and obviously that email has never been discovered because I don’t remember sending it.” 

Boom! Pure silence. A pin could have dropped in that studio and we could have heard it. Since Joy was rendered speechless, quickly Whoopi says dejected, “Well, OK, your wife is coming out…she’ll join us when we come back,” and they go to commercial.

Of course, if an email like that existed, Mueller would have found it and George Papadopolous wouldn’t be giving interviews. Also, isn’t it obvious Papadopolous was being set-up to send those emails to the Trump campaign? This was a very rough day over at The View for the Trump-haters:

When they come back from commercial with Papadolopous’ wife joining them, you’d think the shrews would be excited continue their inquiry into the damning Hillary emails, right? Wrong. They know they have struck out once again. Instead, they talk about fluff with his wife and never re-visit the hardcore questioning to get the Trump dirt.

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When will these idiots figure out evidence against Trump doesn’t exist? Not one of them asks the right questions like who is this guy Downer working for who fed you this information about Hillary’s emails? Well, all over, even in the mainstream media, Downer has been identified as a CIA asset.

It’s the Obama administration setting up Trump. But the shrews on The View are now 0-2. Omarosa’s tape proved Hillary’s guilty and Pappadolpolous proved Trump’s campaign was being infiltrated by foreign spies working for the CIA. When the entire truth comes out, they better have rubber rooms ready for those leftist nitwits hosting The View.

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