Joy Screams ‘Pence Is Mentally Ill, Says Jesus Talks To Him’ — Audience Delivers SmackDown

The View’s Joy Behar thought she was on a roll, cackling like a crow about Vice President Mike Pence. The shrews on the ABC talk show brought up disgraced Omarosa Manigault-Newman, who has been lying about Pence, and that’s when big-mouth Behar screamed, “Pence is mentally ill, he says Jesus talks to him!” Well, Behar immediately looked confused by the audience, who delivered a well-deserved smackdown.

Audience of “The View” (left), Joy Behar looks shocked and confused as she gazes out at the audience on Feb 13, 2018 (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screengrab)

As long as loudmouth Joy Behar continues to utter gross exaggerations and outright lies about President Donald Trump and those in his administration, we will continue to highlight and expose her idiocy. Big-mouth Behar loves to make fun of Christians, but she made a huge mistake when she took on Vice President Mike Pence.

On Tuesday’s show, Whoopi Goldberg brought up that skank Omarosa who is running her mouth on Celebrity Big Brother, talking all kinds of craziness about Trump and his administration. The View played a clip where Omarosa says of Vice President Mike Pence, “He thinks Jesus tells him to say things, he’s scary.” Of course, Omarosa is the font of veracity, so these idiots on The View decide to seriously discuss Pence’s mental health and his Christian faith.

Sunny Hostin, one of the regular hosts on the show, said, “I went to law school in Indiana. He [Pence] is a hated figure there, actually. He’s not very popular at all. And, I think when you have Mike Pence, who now puts this religious veneer and calls people ‘values voters,’ I think we’re in a dangerous situation. Look, I’m Catholic, I’m a faithful person, but I don’t know that I want my vice president talking in tongues.”

Raw Story reports, “Joy Behar, another co-host raised as a Catholic, noted that there’s often no question about people talking to Jesus, the question about Pence is whether Jesus is talking back.”

“My question is, can he talk to Mary Magdalene when his wife isn’t in the room?” Behar shrieked, laughing and mocking Pence. She was referring to the vice president’s previous comment that he and his wife have a rule that he won’t be alone with another woman.

Immediately, the audience was dead silent. It was so bad, Joy-less quickly looked out to see why the audience was not mucking it up with her. You can see for a split second that Behar’s face is reflecting her total confusion, as she thinks, “They don’t think I’m funny?”

The foul-mouthed Behar had to be saved by co-host Sheri Shepard, who quickly chimed in, saying, “You know it says in the Bible, do all things in moderation, so I just think—” That’s when that phony Sunny Hostin cut Shepard off since the audience was obviously not buying anything these Hollywood divas are selling about faith and morals.

Hostin starts lamenting about mixing religion and politics, saying, “How is the Trump administration values driven?”

Finally, Meghan McCain says, “Values is a reference for being pro-life,” which pissed off Joy and Sunny. Those two are fake Catholics and didn’t like McCain making the point that you can’t be a Christian while also being pro-abortion and voting Democrat.

Well, it was not only those in The Views‘ studio audience who were disgusted by loudmouth Behar and her cohorts. Americans, hearing about this segment, decided to weigh in, and it wasn’t pretty.

“Wow, she [Joy] really is a piece of work! It is amazing to think that being a person of faith [Pence] would be a bad thing worthy of this vitriol,” tweeted Robert Gully.

John Boysha Jr. responded to Joy’s mockery of Vice President Pence, tweeting, “She’s just adding buckets of coal to the fire in her future. She is vile and evil, disgusting that she can get a job on TV.” There’s truth in that statement. Joy Behar’s prospects, should The View get canceled, aren’t bright since the Ringling Brothers Circus went out of business.

Twitter user “Dave” had some strong words for the shrews on the talk show, tweeting, “Joy Behar is basically an idiot. Along with pretty much all the other broads on @TheView. The toxic sewage that regurgitates from their pie holes is worse than a superfund clean up site!”

We could go on and on posting tweets from angry Americans who were outraged that Joy Behar and the rest of those Hollywood sellouts alongside her thought they could lecture us about the role of Christianity in America. We only give Meghan McCain a pass, who tried to do the impossible: explain to these immoral hucksters why Vice President Mike Pence’s Christian faith, his belief in God, is tied to how millions of Americans vote.

It was a message big-mouth Behar mocked and laughed at and then got a proper smackdown by the audience and by American patriots, who are sick and tired of these hypocrites snubbing our faith and telling us who to vote for. Americans spoke loud and clear on November 8th, 2016, and now, we’re the ones laughing at that foulmouthed Behar who is suffering from a severe case of “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

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