Joy Says ‘Trump’s Jealous Of Obama, That’s Why No Iran Deal,’ Viewers Give Smackdown

Joy Behar is so triggered by the many wins our president has accomplished recently that she had an on-air meltdown. Joy-less is completely ignorant of foreign policy and said President Donald Trump pulled out of the Iran Nuke Deal, along with refusing to stay in the Paris Climate Accords, because “he’s just jealous of [Barack] Obama.” Well, big mouth Behar was shocked as the audience delivered a proper smackdown.

The audience of “The View” (left), Joy Behar (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screengrabs)

Joy Behar and the rest of the shrews on “The View,” minus Meghan McCain who is the only voice of reason, decided they knew why President Donald Trump pulled out of the Iran Nuke Deal, along with the disastrous Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and why he refused to continue with the Paris Climate Accord.

According to the “foreign policy genius” that is Joy-less Behar, President Trump is just jealous of former President Barack Obama’s accomplishments.

The Daily Caller reported, “On ABC’s ‘The View’ on Wednesday, the topic of discussion turned to the Iran deal — which President Trump had just withdrawn the United States from less than 24 hours earlier. Behar said that, in the context of President Trump’s other actions, she was beginning to see a pattern emerge.”

Screaming, Joy Behar went on a tirade. “Well, he pulled out of TPP, which Obama was into. He pulled out of the Paris Accords, which Obama was down with. He’s pulling out of Iran which Obama was … what’s trending here? Do we see anything happening here?” she shrieked.

It’s almost like I can’t believe anything he does because it seems to be based on a personal antagonism to Obama, and jealousy,” said the Joy-less wonder. As Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin totally agreed with Joy’s assinine remarks, Meghan McCain was shocked, and she only had two minutes to respond.

“We sent $400 million in unmarked bills to the largest state sponsor of terror,” McCain said. “And I don’t care who you are, but we shouldn’t be giving money to a country where people go out in the streets and yell, ‘Death to Israel, death to America.’”

It’s shocking that these women on “The View” have no clue about why over half the nation voted for Donald Trump. They have no idea why, back in 2010, regular folks rose up and started Tea Parties, a real grassroots movement.

They are entirely ignorant about Barack Obama’s disastrous policies which made then-candidate Trump the frontrunner in the 2016 election as he promised to get rid of Obamacare, TPP, the Paris Accords, and, the biggie, the Iran Nuke Deal.

It’s a big reason he won the election, yet loudmouth Joy Behar and her cohorts are so out of touch with mainstream America that they blame it on jealousy of Obama. Wow, those Americans who watched Joy Behar’s rant delivered a proper smackdown.

Ilona Bosher tweeted to Joy, “She is so away with the fairies it’s embarrassing! Some people make things up before they have their coffee in the morning! She needs her coffee! Jealous of Obama! Laughable lady!”

“Time To Ride” tweeted, “Sorry Joy honey…sweety. Other way around. barack is jealous because he has realized that Trump has a set of nads that he has never possessed and never will.”

“Keep talking! #JoyBehar exemplifies the ignorance, arrogance & oh! PROJECTION of the Left. No matter how much Trump succeeds, it’s never as important as their attempts to destroy him at any cost. The real cost? America’s safety, security and prosperity,” tweeted Karen Kataline.

“Chuck” from Mississipi tweeted, “Oh my god…. this poor lady is delusional. She need her friends and family to help her see reality. Maybe some form of intervention.”

There were hundreds of responses, many which were strewn with telling Joy to “stop drinking her breakfast” and other rightly rude comments on her “diminished mental capacity.” People wanted to know why such a ridiculous TV program is still on the air.  To answer that question, there’s CNN’s Jim Acosta.

When you have CNN’s Jim Acosta tweeting, “Obama policies dumped by Trump: Iran deal, Paris Climate Agreement, Trans-Pacific Trade Deal, DACA, Obamacare Individual Mandate,” like this is a “bad thing,” the answer is simple. Big mouth Joy Behar and her cohorts are all brainwashed. They get their news from CNN.

They have no clue that Obama’s presidency was so close to completely ruining our country for good. Luckily, Acosta got roasted for that tweet by patriots who set him and the Obama record straight. Idiots like Joy Behar will continue to spew their nonsense as long as the leftists in this country can keep half the nation brainwashed. Here’s hoping, little by little with President Trump’s wins, they will begin to see the light.

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