Joy & Whoopi Censored For Cussing At Trump On TV, Fed-Up Americans Torch Them

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Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg are unhinged over the Trump presidency, and they finally had to be censored by their own show. Well, fed-up Americans who are sick and tired of their biased show and outright misrepresentations of President Donald Trump torched the duo. You’ll love this.

Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

ABC’s The View co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar were censored in the first two segments of their daytime talk show on Tuesday amid tirades about President Donald Trump.

It seems the president’s strategy toward leftist favorite Joe Biden is causing the shrews to become unglued. You know you’ve won an argument when the other side is debased and has to resort to cussing up a storm to make you look bad, and that’s exactly what Goldberg and Behar were doing to President Trump.

Goldberg was censored four times in under 20 seconds while ranting about President Trump’s nicknames for his 2020 Democrat White House rivals. “I just think people are tired of it and —” Goldberg said before her remarks were bleeped out.

Following the break, Behar launched into a discussion about the president’s strategy to court African-American voters by highlighting former Vice President Joe Biden’s leading the passage of the 1994 crime bill.

Behar pointed out that then-New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani supported the bill, while President Trump purchased full-page ads in the New York Times calling for “Central Park Five” — a group of teenagers who were wrongfully convicted of raping a woman — to receive the death penalty.

“Black people know about Charlottesville,” said Behar, bringing up a totally debunked point the left loves to use. “And they know about him saying these are [censored] countries. And all the racism, and all the stuff that he says. They know about it, I’m sure.”

While The View co-host’s mouth was pixelated, it appears she made a reference to President Trump’s use of the term “shithole” countries. Behar then motioned to the control room before saying, “You can bleep that!”

In a statement to Business Insider, An ABC spokesperson said the bleep button is controlled by the cable network’s Department of Broadcast Standards and Practices. “BS&P makes the decision and when we previously discussed the topic, it was bleeped as well,” said ABC spokeswoman Lauri Hogan.

Both hosts have repeatedly made headlines for their criticism of the president. Last week, Behar raised eyebrows when she said congressional Republicans should be jailed for “backing a corrupt president” and his “corrupt administration.” But that’s not all. 

Americans are getting sick and tired of the shrews and their rabid Trump-hating show. 

“‘The View’s’ Whoopi Goldberg & Joy Behar?…. Yes there they are folks…Possibly the 2 biggest azzholes that America has produced. Every show is so politically biased and this sh*t show should be banned from television,” tweeted Jay Hawkey.

“@WhoopiGoldberg listening to your bull on The View since you guys talk about our president right here on our own soil in a negative way every day. Which to me is treason and you and Joy Behar have both said you would leave the country if he became president so get the hell out,” tweeted Beverly Fahey.

“Pity they can’t put Whoopie and Behar on mute or pause button for the entire show,” tweeted Christopher J. Wood.

Behind the scenes, many in the Democratic Party are very nervous about the 2020 election. Just over the weekend the anti-Trump New York Times ran a piece about three separate projection models which have been spot on in the past, and they all say Trump will win re-election.

These aren’t polls. They are studies based on historical factors and the economy, and it all is coming from Democratic sources. You bet Whoopi and big mouth Behar probably got wind of these reports.

“In his piece, [Steve] Rattner, who served as a counselor under Obama’s former Treasury Secretary Tim Geitner, focused on three reports on prediction models from accredited economists who all found Trump will most likely retain his presidency next fall,” the Daily Mail reports. “These same models foresaw Barack Obama’s historic White House win in 2008, his re-election in 2012, and Trump’s unexpected victory in 2016.”

This is why Goldberg and Behar are unhinged. They can’t understand how Trump could have a chance. No study or poll is ever a “for sure” deal, so we must stay vigilant and fight for every vote we can get for Trump. But it sure is nice to see these Trump haters so riled up. Maybe ABC should just cancel the show, that way they will be “censored” for good.

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