Judge Has 3 Words For Why He Won’t Deport 5 Refugees Who Gang Raped Child

Judge Has 3 Words For Why He Won't Deport 5 Refugees Who Gang Raped Child
A liberal judge not only reduced the sentences of 5 convicted migrant child rapists but also refused the prosecution’s request to deport them for a disturbing reason.

A group of 5 Muslim asylum seekers kidnapped a little boy at knifepoint, mercilessly beat him, and took turns brutally raping him in a wooded area. However, after a liberal judge heard the gruesome details of their sadistic attack, he explained with 3 ridiculous words why all 5 would be allowed to remain in the country as refugees.

It’s no surprise that when we welcome in the adherents of a fundamentally violent supremacist ideology, we are subjected to their wrath regardless of how tolerant and welcoming we are. What’s unforgivable, however, is the left’s consistent tolerance of the most inhumane crimes simply because the offenders are Muslim migrants.

Sickeningly enough, this justification of evil was once again present in a court of law as a judge exempted a gang of savage child rapists from justice for nothing other than their refugee status and Muslim origin.

Breitbart reports that a group of 5 Afghan migrants, each ranging from age 16 to 17, lured a young boy, who is believed to be under the age of 15, into a woodland area in Sweden and gang raped him at knifepoint for over an hour in October. The boy, who is also from Afghanistan, was severely beaten, bitten, and spat on while his rapists filmed the sickening ordeal.

A Swedish court in Uppsala county found all of the migrants guilty of aggravated rape and the one who filmed it also guilty of child pornography. However, when it came time to sentence the dangerous asylum seekers, the judge had just 3 words to defend his refusal to deport the migrants. He explained that extraditing the rapists back to Afghanistan would “be too dangerous” under Sharia law, Swedish newspaper The Local reports.

“Given their age and the security situation in Afghanistan, they would be hit very hard by the expulsion,” the judge said in his ruling.

Judge Has 3 Words For Why He Won't Deport 5 Refugees Who Gang Raped Child
Although the Swedish Migration Board confirmed that at least one of the rapists is an adult, the judge sentenced them all as minors and denied the prosecution’s request for deportation because sending them back to Afghanistan would “be too dangerous” for them.

Saving the abusers from a deserved punishment, the judge denied the prosecution’s request for deportation, giving 4 of the rapists a paltry 15 months in prison while the fifth one received only 13 months imprisonment, according to the Expressen.

The judge saved the migrant child rapists from a standard 6-year sentence, admitting that their ages played a factor in the reduced punishment, even though the Swedish migration confirmed that at least one of the attackers is an adult.

The Express reports that the defendants were also ordered to pay damages of over $27,000 to the young victim. Fortunately, the prosecution told the court that the boy doesn’t remember the horrific sexual assault because his attacker plied him with alcohol before taking him to the woods.

In September, Swedish pediatrician Josef Milerad broke the truth about the refugee crisis when he revealed to media that around 40 percent of all the refugee children he’s treated are actually between 20 and 25 years old. He added that in some cases, asylum seekers in their 40s are being given residence as unaccompanied minors.

“There are only a few cases of course, but they have definitely been between 30 and 40 years old,” Milerad said. “I think that my professional opinion, even if I can’t support it with evidence, would turn out to be quite accurate – there is a difference between a 16-year-old and a 20-year-old. And few people are definitely between 30 and 40 years.”

Sweden is paying the price for opening its borders to civilians of the world’s most violent and oppressive countries. Unfortunately, they aren’t only heading to Sweden. Millions of migrants are passing by countless safe Islamic nations for Western countries whose freedoms and values they despise.

Their goal is to spread Islam and establish Sharia law by any means necessary. Whether this includes peacefully converting unbelievers, outbreeding non-Muslims, or brutalizing innocent civilians depends on the religious devotion of the follower.

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