Judge SHOCKED By Father’s Sick 2-Word Reason For Lighting Toddler On Fire

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Edward Herbert’s 3-year-old daughter (left), Edward Herbert (right)

Edward Herbert, the father of three children, stood before a judge earlier Monday as the prosecutor told the court of the horrifying day that Herbert poured gasoline over his 3-year-old and 7-year-old little girls before lighting the 3-year-old on fire, attempting to burn her alive. The judge was unprepared for what he heard next as the prosecutor repeated Herbert’s sickening two-word reason for trying to murder his daughter with fire.

According to ABC Australia, the burning 3-year-old girl was rescued by her neighbor, who rushed into Herbert’s residence to find the toddler laying in her bed with her head on fire. The heroic neighbor, later identified as Stephanie Bochorsky, rushed into the house after Herbert’s terrified girlfriend told her, “He’s setting the kids on fire.” Bochorsky, an off-duty police officer, was able to rescue the 3-year-old little girl by smoldering the flames with a blanket and then carrying her out of the house.

Edward Herbert (left) Edward Herbert’s 3-year-old daughter (inset)

Bochorsky also rescued Herbert’s 7-year-old daughter, who is autistic with special needs. Herbert had also poured gasoline on the 7-year-old, but she was rescued from the house before he had a chance to light her on fire. When Herbert’s other child, a little boy, was being rescued from the home by another neighbor, Herbert said, “Don’t worry, I wouldn’t have lit my boy up.”

According to a report by The West Australian, another neighbor, Daniel McMillan, who ran to help Bochorsky, found Herbert pacing in his kitchen and having a beer. Herbert reportedly told McMillan that he tried to burn his 3-year-old alive because she was “too beautiful.” 

The prosecutor, Amanda Forrester, told the court that Herbert threw bottles at McMillan and lunged at him with a knife after making his sick confession. McMillan reportedly grabbed a fire extinguisher and hit Herbert over the head with it before disarming him. Police took Herbert into custody shortly thereafter.

The horrific incident, which took place in August of 2015 in Perth, Australia, has “scarred the then 3-year-old for life” Forrester told the court. According to the prosecutor, Herbert had been heavily drinking and smoking marijuana prior to the attack. Herbert now has five charges against him, including 2 counts of attempted murder. This was his first trial hearing and his defense attorney has reportedly entered a plea of “not guilty” by reason of insanity.

The Supreme Court of Western Australia (Photo: The Mirror)

There’s a special place in hell for monsters like Herbert, and until he gets there, we can only hope that the judge in Perth, Australia, finds the absolute harshest way to deal with him. It is truly unbelievable that anyone could carry out such a crime against children.

It was Herbert’s decision to get hammered on alcohol and marijuana, so it is his responsibility to deal with the consequences of what he did to his children. A lot of liberals out there might argue for leniency based on Herbert’s claim of insanity, but I think they would feel differently if it were their children who Herbert lit on fire. This animal should be thrown into a dark hole until he dies, and then, he will find out what it’s like to burn.

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