Judge Jeanine TAUNTS Mueller & Deep State, ‘Trump’s Secret Mole Inside FBI Just Flipped’

Judge Jeanine Pirro has been a long time friend of President Donald Trump, so when she says that she has “insider” information, you can take it to the bank that it’s straight from Tump’s mouth. Never one to mince words, the judge was on fire during her Fox News show as she taunted Robert Mueller, Adam Schiff, and all the deep state rats. Pirro blasted, “Game over! I know the name of the secret mole who has flipped.” You don’t want to miss this.

Robert Mueller (left), Judge Jeanine Pirro (middle), President Donald Trump (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screengrab)

Judge Jeanine could hardly contain herself during her Fox News show. Pirro is in the president’s inner circle, and she had just been given some bombshell information from the White House and was ready to blast the deep state rats. There is a very high-level secret mole inside the FBI, and he has just flipped. His name is Bill Priestap, and he is the FBI’s Assistant Director of  Counter Intelligence.

Remember, the Russia investigation into Donald Trump started as a counter-intel investigation. That means Priestap would have been in charge of it. He went rogue on James Comey after the former FBI Director threw him under the bus during a March 2017 House Intel Committee hearing into the Trump-Russia investigation.

Comey panicked while testifying. He was caught off-guard by Rep. Elise Stefanik who asked him why didn’t he, as FBI Director, inform the House Intel Committee that there was an ongoing investigation into the President of the United States. It’s no small matter, right?

Former FBI Director Comey said he did not tell congressional oversight he was investigating then-presidential candidate Donald Trump because the “Director of Counterintelligence suggested he not do so.” Well, that was it. How does a subordinate to Comey tell him what to do? What a bald-faced lie by coward Comey.

Priestap knew he was being set up to be the “fall guy” by Comey and the deep state rats, and at that point, he approached the Trump administration and became Trump’s secret mole, watching the deep state rats and their activities, including Robert Mueller’s bogus investigation.

If you haven’t watched it before, take a look at the video below, where Rep. Stefanik catches Comey red-handed. The former FBI Director blames Priestap — never mentioning his name, just his job title — implying it’s Priestap who is going rogue and investigating a sitting President of the United States without alerting Congress — a very big deal.

How do we know Priestap has flipped and is working with President Donald Trump against Special Counsel Robert Mueller? That’s where Judge Jeanine Pirro comes in. There has been speculation for weeks about Priestap. No one has heard of this guy. We know all about all the other deep state rats who were setting Trump up, yet never Priestap, who was initially in charge of the Trump investigation.

The Conservative Treehouse, which has done outstanding work in uncovering the deep state, posted an article titled, “Game Over – Judge Jeanine Interview With HPSCI Rep. Chris Stewart.” In it, they go on to report, “The game is over. The jig is up. Victory is certain… the trench was ignited… the enemy funneled themselves into the valley… all bait was taken… everything from here on out is simply mopping up the details. All suspicions confirmed.”

They explain, “House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence member Chris Stewart appeared on Fox News with Judge Jeanine Pirro and didn’t want to ‘make news‘ or spill the beans, but the unstated, between-the-lines discussion was as subtle as a brick through a window. Judge Jeannie has been on the cusp of this for a few weeks.”

When the judge asks Rep. Chris Stewart, “Have you heard the name Bill Priestap, who is the Director of Counter Intelligence and Peter Stzrok’s boss?” Stewart was taken aback by the question, as CTH noted, then he went on to deflect, answering, “Yeah, we have that name, have heard of that name, but I want to talk about…”

That’s when Judge Jeanine lowered the boom, saying, “No, no I want to go back to Priestap!” Later in the interview, the judge circles back again, saying, “Now, I want to go back to Priestap and I want my audience to remember this name, and I’ll tell you why I’m asking. I don’t like that I haven’t heard of him. We’ve heard of the whole hierarchy, everyone on that 7th floor [of the FBI], and there’s one guy we do not hear about, Priestap.”

She goes on to explain how Comey threw him under the bus and that he wouldn’t advise Congress of certain things. She then says, “The fact we haven’t heard of Priestap tells me he is cooperating with someone, or…what?”

That’s when Rep. Stewart flat out says, “Well, I’m not sure what we can say on this. I don’t want to be the headline ‘Chris Stewart reveals a bunch of sensitive or classified information.'”

The Congressman goes on to charge Comey with “surrounding himself with political progressive hacks.” But, the inference to Bill Priestap is clear — he has been, for the last eleven months, gathering evidence to incriminate Comey’s cabal, who let Hillary go scot-free, then fabricated evidence and obtained FISA warrants based on false evidence in a soft coup attempt against Trump.

This also blows away Robert Mueller, and I wouldn’t be surprised if charges are filed against him, too. Mueller is in the thick of the cabal. He was the FBI director before Comey and oversaw the Uranium One investigation or the “non-investigation.” It’s the reason Mueller was appointed as Special Counsel, to protect the cabal and to get rid of President Trump.

We will be watching as the Democrats like Adam Schiff become more and more unhinged. They are lying, then telling lies about their lies. Bill Priestap must have security around him at this point. He is still reporting to work, but now that his role as the secret mole has come out, I’m sure he is protected. So, get ready, the name Bill Priestap will become very famous in the next few days, as heads start to roll.

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