Judge Jeanine EXPOSES Obama’s Henchman Tom Perez, You’re Going To LOVE This

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Judge Jeanine Pirro (left), Barack Obama & Tom Perez (right)

Judge Jeanine Pirro is always spot on when she makes her opening statement during her show on Fox News, and she proved it again when she took on the man who Barack Obama made sure would be the new Democratic National Committee Chairman. Tom Perez is Obama’s good pal, and he’s also his henchmen. You’ll love how Judge Jeanine blasts him for telling lies about President Donald Trump, and you don’t want to miss this.

Judge Jeanine ripped into Tom Perez during her opening remarks this past weekend. Perez made headlines after he used his new platform as the new Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman to put down President Donald Trump with a vile speech, where Perez was worked into a frenzy.

Perez was so bold as to say Trump was not legally elected and that Trump’s “bro” is Vladimir Putin, the same old narrative the left keeps spewing. Perez was especially vicious, but that makes sense when you know who put Perez in power, Barack Obama. Judge Jeanine is well aware of this, so she knew exactly how to hit him hard.

“Perez has a long radical history connected to La Raza and other open borders organizations. His track record is full on radical. He’s in cahoots with Obama to continue the ‘fundamental transformation’ of America. Anyone who’s a Democrat should be shocked that he’s taking the party in such a far left direction. Do your research and you’ll know why he was the choice for Dem Chair,” reports 100% Fed-Up.

Perez, in a frenzy, started screaming at a Democratic “resist” rally, saying, “Donald Trump, you don’t stand for our values, Donald Trump you didn’t win this election!” He continued to egg on the useful idiots to march and resist, although we are not clear what they are marching for or resisting exactly, except Donald Trump, with no real reasons behind it.

Barack Obama made sure his buddy Perez had that job, and you can bet everything Perez does, like this rally cry to cause mayhem in the streets, is straight from the Barack Obama/Valerie Jarrett camp. Well, Judge Jeanine had enough of the rhetoric, and she was righteously angry, blasting Perez with truth.

“Pray tell, Perez, what are our values and what is it you want us to resist — law and order? The Constitution?” Pirro asked.

“She said Trump is doing exactly the things the people elected him to do, like modernizing the military, cracking down on criminals and deporting illegal immigrants. Perez, Pirro said, is another ‘namby-pamby wuss’ obsessing that Russia interfered in the 2016 election,” reports Fox News. 

“These bozos still haven’t figured out exactly what Russia did … Because Queen Hillary should have been coronated,” she said. Judge Jeanine really flattened Perez with logic and, of course, her undeniable flair.

The judge ripped the left, warning them about the real threats facing out country as they obsess and drone on about President Trump and Russia. She reminds us that it’s North Korea, backed by China, that are in cahoots, planning our demise, and it will be Trump who faces them down.

These losers who are following Barack Obama and his surrogate Tom Perez don’t realize our freedom is fragile and it’s time to get over their hurt feelings. It’s one thing to engage in lawful protesting, but that’s not what they are doing. They are undermining the office of the presidency by lying, saying Trump was not legally elected. They continue to lie about President Trump and Russia. This makes our country weak, so we applaud Judge Jeanine for showing no mercy to Perez. If he keeps up these lies, he may find himself facing charges of treason.

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