Liberal Judge Wants To Free Muslim Migrant Killer After Hearing His 3 Words

Liberal Judge Wants To Free Muslim Migrant Killer After Hearing His 3 Words
After Mohammad Rajabi (left) killed an elderly man and attempted to murder an elderly woman at their lakehouse, a judge is considering sparing him a lengthy jail sentence and deportation because of 3 disturbing words. (Photo source: SVT Västmanland)

After a Muslim asylum seeker admitted to killing an elderly man and the attempted murder of an elderly woman, the court expected that he’d be given a harsh jail sentence and deportation. However, as soon as the liberal judge heard his simple 3-word excuse, the migrant killer will not only escape a lengthy sentence but also has no chance of being sent back to his home country.

When Afghan native Mohammad Rajabi arrived in Sweden in 2015, liberal activists never questioned why he bypassed several safe Islamic countries to make his way nearly 3,000 miles to a country with a significantly different culture, religion, and legislature. After repaying their tolerance and generosity with heinous crimes, Sweden’s leftists are still trying to appease him.

According to Swedish outlet SVT Västmanland, Rajabi gladly agreed to murder his 42-year-old Swedish girlfriend’s parents at their cabin on Lake Hjälmaren after she promised to secure his stay in the country through marriage. While dating the woman, who is an asylum center worker, Rajabi butchered the elderly couple with a knife, killing the 68-year-old husband and leaving his wife for dead on August 3.

Luckily, the female victim survived. However, she’ll be forced to live in fear knowing that her husband’s killer will likely be out on the streets again in 3 years or less. The media reports that since Rajabi claims that “he was 18” at the time of the murder and attempted murder, the judge will not deport him and is considering giving him a paltry 3 years in prison because he’s legally considered a “child refugee.”

Legitimizing the outrageous prediction, the judge is refusing to allow a medical professional to determine Rajabi’s age and is simply taking the murderous migrant at his word. The court also concluded that because Afghanistan supports the death penalty for murderers, he will not be extradited to his home country.

Breitbart reports that Sweden carries a sentence of between 10 to 18 years in prison for just one count of premeditated murder. Of course, although Rajabi has been charged with this and attempted murder, he will likely only see a few years behind bars if any because he says that he was under 21.

“There is currently no legal possibility to request age assessment in criminal cases,” said prosecutor Jessica Wenna. “Because he was 18 years old at the time of the act, courts are very reluctant to impose long sentences to youths, so I would be surprised if he gets a longer sentence than three years.”

Wenna explained that even if she requests for Rajabi to be deported after serving his sentence, she is doubtful that the court would allow it. In fact, she admits that despite experts predicting that he will violently re-offend, he “could easily be out by summer 2018.”

“If deported, he would risk the death penalty, so [Mr. Rajabi] is going to be allowed to stay in Sweden for the rest of his life. It’s certain that [the Afghan] will relapse into crime fairly quickly,” Mr. Persson added, noting his “serious doubts” about the migrant’s future in Swedish society.

It is still unclear why the woman wanted her parents dead, but the court speculated that she may have argued with them before commissioning her migrant boyfriend to murder. She has since been charged with conspiracy to murder.

Sweden, which was once the beacon of tolerance and progress, is now resembling its most barbaric imported culture. While it very well may be too late for Swedes to take back their country from the liberals running it, it can at least serve as a harbinger to the rest of the West that the left’s idea of multiculturalism fails no matter how we embrace it.

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