Kaepernick Unveils $175 Jersey, Patriots Notice What’s Ironically ‘Wrong’ With Design

Shortly after social justice warrior and failed NFL athlete Colin Kaepernick unveiled his latest money-making scheme, viewers quickly spotted the hilarious “mistake” in the product’s design.

Kaepernick Unveils $175 Jersey, Patriots Notice What's Ironically 'Wrong' With Design
After releasing his limited edition jersey (right), disgraced athlete Colin Kaepernick (left) is the target of ridicule by those who’ve noticed what’s “wrong” with his $175 t-shirt. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube, Twitter)

Despite being out of the NFL for the last 2 years, disgraced backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick is continuing to make headlines in the mainstream media as they relentlessly praise him for his social justice activism. Made intensely famous merely for taking a knee during the National Anthem, Kaepernick inspired professional and amateur athletes across the country to protest police officers, military members, and, of course, President Donald Trump.

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The spoiled millionaire secured a major contract with sportswear giant Nike as the face of their latest “sacrifice” campaign. Immediately, Kaepernick’s cringe-worthy advertisement sparked criticism for his obvious virtue-signaling, as the notoriously privileged ex-baller didn’t actually sacrifice anything of his own but was rejected by the NFL due to his mediocre athleticism. However, this certainly didn’t stop the infamous kneeler from cashing in on the controversy he created.

Earlier this month, Kaepernick unveiled his latest cash cow — a $175 shirt with his name, former NFL jersey number, and a label which reads “I know my rights.” However, it wasn’t long before fed-up patriots noticed several details far too ironic and laughable not to point out.

Not only is the outrageously expensive shirt a side venture seemingly behind Nike’s back, but the jersey design is profoundly ridiculous, as Kaepernick isn’t even an athlete but continues to use his former team number. In fact, before he became the professional far-left social justice warrior he is today, Kaepernick was one of the worst ranked backup quarterbacks in the NFL, which came to light suspiciously just before he chose to capture the limelight by protesting the National Anthem.

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Additionally, since Kaepernick proudly unveiled his lucrative t-shirt campaign, many have pointed out the irony in a self-proclaimed socialist, who praises murderous, racist communist dictators, heavily relying on capitalism to make himself part of the ultra-wealthy 1 percent. Indeed, Kaepernick has gladly used the so-called “corporate greed” and “crony capitalism” he claims to condemn without putting his socialist beliefs to good use. After all, a paltry 20 percent of his millions isn’t spreading the wealth and leveling the playing field as his political principles insist.

However, Kaepernick’s odd t-shirt campaign doesn’t end there. Strangely, he contradicts his promise to donate some of the profit to charity in a series of vague tweets. Initially, Kaepernick promised to give 20 percent of the proceeds to the Know Your Rights Camp, which is unsurprisingly one of his own organizations. Later, Kaepernick posted a photo of the sold-out jersey with the caption “All profits to Know Your Rights Camp,” suggesting that not one penny would line his pocket.

BizPac Review confirmed that the jersey, which has since sold out, is flagrantly marked up from its typical market worth. In fact, a Nike brand shirt of NFL star Aaron Rogers sells for just $39.00 while a Tom Brady t-shirt costs around $35.00 This shows a more than 500-percent markup for someone who isn’t as famous as either aforementioned sportsman and isn’t even an active athlete.

Regardless of how hypocritical and reprehensible his latest money-making campaign is, considering how he is once again using social justice to cash in, it’s yet another instance proving that capitalism not only works, it helps those at the bottom as well as the 1 percenters like Kaepernick. You don’t see such successful charity under a socialized government, unless you consider armed tyrants confiscating all private property and redistributing it so that everyone is equally poor charity.

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As such, we’re glad that Kaepernick is showing his social justice warrior fans that capitalism is a good thing. However, we still want him to practice what he preaches by giving up 90 percent of his wealth to those who don’t have as much instead of asking everyone else to support them by buying overpriced jerseys.

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