Kamala Says 2nd Amendment Has No Place ‘In Civil Society,’ Made To Regret It

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Kamala Harris is running for president in 2020, and CNN was so excited they organized a big townhall last night. The former District Attorney was asked about our Second Amendment rights, and she made sure the leftist audience knew she was just fine with banning portions of our gun rights claiming they have no place “in civil society.” Well, Americans were livid, and she was quickly made to regret it. You’ll love this.

Kamala Harris (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Kamala Harris thinks the way to win the Democratic nomination for president is to move to the far-far-left. In essence, become the new and improved Bernie Sanders. She is running on “healthcare for all” and tuition-free education from pre-K through college. It’s a completely ridiculous platform that would bankrupt our nation.

Harris seems to think Americans are too stupid and too greedy to see through this pie-in-the-sky plan. The California Democrat gave the far-leftists at the town hall what they wanted to hear about our constitutional right to bear arms. And immediately, the senator attacked “assault weapons.”

The big problem is that Kamala Harris has no idea what she is talking about when it comes to “assault weapons” and our Second Amendment rights, and she doesn’t care. The former DA’s goal is to tell leftists what they want to hear, period. They want to hear it’s time to ban guns. 

Citing the Sandy Hook tragedy, Harris claimed a gun ban solution would have been possible if only lawmakers had been placed in “a locked room, no press, no one, nobody else” and required to examine “the autopsy photographs of those babies.”

Harris was purely playing to emotion, something she learned from former AG Eric Holder. In the immediate aftermath of the Sandy Hook school attack, the Baltimore Post published the email exchange in which Holder wrote: “Go for a vote this week before it fades. Tap peoples emotion. Make it simple assault weapons.”

Back at the town hall, the Democratic darling gave her canned conclusion: “You can be in favor of the Second Amendment and also understand that there is no reason in a civil society that we have assault weapons around communities that can kill babies and police officers,” she said.

So the question that Ms. Harris doesn’t want anyone to ask is what is an assault weapon? If there had been a ban on assault weapons, would the heinous shooting at Sandy Hook be avoided? No, the shooter Adam Lanza used a semi-automatic AR-15, which is not an assault weapon.

The fear-mongering used by the leftists when it comes to guns doesn’t translate into facts. Assault weapons are fully automatic and extremely difficult to buy. You can still buy an automatic weapon, but their sale and ownership are highly regulated and exceptionally expensive. Automatic weapons sales have been restricted in the United States since the 1934 National Firearms Act was passed. 

There have been only two documented criminal shootings with automatic weapons since 1986. Two bank robbers were killed as a result. That’s not something the gun control crowd wants you to know.

So, Kamala Harris is talking nonsense. Assault weapons have killed 2 people since 1986. The real goal here is to ban all guns. To cause emotional responses devoid of facts to drive Americans to the wrong conclusion and hence, take away your God-given Constitutional rights.

And Americans made sure the Presidential hopeful from California is fully aware she isn’t going to dupe us out of our right to bear arms. Charlie Kirk tweeted, “Kamala Harris says she wants to ban assault weapons and rifles ‘Assault rifle’ is a made up term used to take our guns away The left intentionally wants to misrepresent reality to take our guns away The left hates facts when confronted.”

Susan Levitckas proved Kamala is a phony. She is so concerned about taking away our gun rights while she is for killing babies in the womb. She tweeted, “Kamala please Describe semi-automatic weapons? Criminals don’t buy guns legally. Your opposed to killing babies …..what’s your position on the latest New York late-term abortion laws? This is about controlling the people.”

Eric Pfeiffer weighed in posting, “Funny thing is she has no clue what a “semi-automatic” gun is. Every rifle, revolver, pistol, shotgun, pellet gun, BB gun, crossbow, and more are a ‘semi-automatic’ weapons. So really you want to ban all weapons for law abiding citizens???”

Thousands of Americans ripped the California Senator over her lack of knowledge on guns and the way she is trying to manipulate low-information voters. It’s quite ironic that when the left talks about mass shootings they always seem to forget the mass shooting in Sutherland, Texas which was stopped by a former NRA firearm instructor named Stephen Willeford.

“He had an AR-15, but so did I,” Willeford said, talking about the shooter. The former NRA instructor drove the shooter to flee in his car, as Willeford fired round after round. “I put my rifle up where I perceived his head to be and I pulled the trigger. The window collapsed. I wanted him stopped.”

In the end, Willeford laid chase and found the shooter had taken his own life. But if it wasn’t for the quick actions by Stephen Willeford, who knows how many more innocent bystanders would be dead today. Banning all guns is not the answer.

Bad guys don’t follow laws and aren’t going to give up their guns. But don’t tell Kamala Harris. The more she spews her lies about guns, the more we can expose just what a fraud is running for president. Far-leftists want to turn America into Venezuela, and the first thing they will do is come for our guns claiming it’s for our own good. The Founding Fathers knew that all too well, and made sure tyranny would never come to America ever again.

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