Trump-Hater Kamala Harris Attacks Admiral Mike Rogers, Gets Nasty Surprise On Live TV

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Senator Kamala Harris (left), Admiral Mike Rogers (right)

If you’re not familiar with Senator Kamala Harris, think Maxine Waters about 20 years ago. The junior senator from California supports Black Lives Matter, and she’s as arrogant and entitled as her mentors Barack and Michelle Obama. The rabid Trump-hater was on Capitol Hill for the Intel hearings, where she totally disrespected Admiral Mike Rogers when he wouldn’t say President Donald Trump had done anything wrong. She lost control and got a nasty surprise right on live TV. You don’t want to miss this.

Many members of the Senate Intelligence Committee engaged in aggressive questioning Wednesday morning, grilling the leaders of the NSA, FBI, DOJ, and the Director of National Intelligence about whether President Trump has intervened in ongoing investigations in Russian election interference and allegations of collusion with his campaign.

Senator Kamala Harris was cut off by the committee’s chair. You see, Harris was acting like she was running the show, and she couldn’t shut her mouth and let anyone respond if she didn’t like their answer. In fact, she was so out of control, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein started chuckling purely to spite Harris. No one could take her seriously.

Harris then began a sharp exchange with NSA Director Admiral Michael Rogers on why he has spoken publicly about some of his conversations with Trump and not others. “You can keep trying to trip me up,” Rogers protested, as she interrupted. “Senator, if you could, could I get to respond, please, ma’am?”

“No, no,” Harris replied, before continuing with her question. Then came the nasty surprise as she was scolded and told basically to “shut the hell up and let them answer.”

Committee Chair Richard Burr (R-NC) spoke up, chastising and urging her and other members to “provide the witnesses the courtesy, which has not been extended, fully across, for questions to get answered.” The cavernous hearing room then became tense and quiet, reports Talking Points Memo, which added, “When Harris tried to argue back, noting that earlier in the hearing a male senator had accused Rosenstein of filibustering, Burr cut her off again, instructing Rosenstein to speak. Harris sighed and became silent, looking supremely annoyed.”

Watch her big dramatics and ridiculous babbling as she can’t stop herself and they are chuckling at her because she clearly has no clue that she is ignorant on these matters.

Here’s the kicker when it comes to this liberal loon, Kamala Haris, she’s the great hope for the Democratic Party. The day before Harris did the exact same thing to General John Kelly, and conservative radio host Mark Levin weighed in. “Mark Levin opened the second hour of his show Tuesday night discussing California’s ‘pathetic’ Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris. Levin took particular issue with the ‘disrespect’ shown by Harris in a hearing with DHS secretary, and decorated veteran, Gen. John Kelly,” reports Conservative Review.

Levin described Harris as a “know-nothing, pathetic, left-wing kook from California who they’re now promoting as another presidential candidate.” He said, “So you have to be a street disorganizer. Is that where we’re going now in this country? She is a disgrace. She is pathetic.”

Mark Levin is right. How can one political party have so many nutjobs, idiots, and arrogant asses? They have no message, they have no answers, and they offer nothing to the American people. All they do is tear down the one man who is working 24/7 to build jobs, keep us safe, and make America great again. What a truly worthless bunch they are. Thank God, Americans aren’t fooled by their lies anymore.

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