VIDEO: Kamala Harris Cackles With Ellen Over SICK Joke About Trump’s Death

Outrage erupted over California Democratic Senator Kamala Harris’ recent sickening joke about President Donald Trump’s death during an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” This woman just proved that she is definitely not presidential material for 2020.

Kamala Harris (left), President Donald Trump (middle), Ellen DeGeneres (right) (Photo Credits: YouTube/The Ellen Show/The Tonight Show)

One of the Democratic Party’s likeliest stooges to run for President of the United States against Donald Trump in 2020 is California Senator Kamala Harris. Like most everything else that comes out of the Golden State, Harris is rotten to the core with her ultra-liberal ideology and very close political resemblance to former President Barack Obama.

Harris has notably become the liberal sweetheart of the DACA movement as she emerges out of California’s militant horde of politicians. In addition, Harris is a tremendous advocate for extensive gun-control legislation and is sure to take her party further to the left if indeed she is nominated to run in 2020.

According to The Hill, Harris appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Thursday, April 5, 2018, where she cackled and scoffed with the liberal host after demonstrating her utter lack of taste with a sick joke about President Trump’s death. However, it wasn’t enough to joke about taking part in the death of our President as the two liberal women included Vice President Mike Pence and Attorney General Jeff Sessions in their sick liberal fantasy.

As DeGeneres rambled on about how she and Harris met at a restaurant, the senator from California kept nodding and repeating the word, “Yeah,” in the most irritating fashion. Then, when asked by DeGeneres what was the most surprising thing that has happened to her since Trump’s election, Harris responded, “Well, I mean, there’s a lot, and there are those moments, like when this administration arbitrarily made a decision to rescind protection to those dreamers that are protected by DACA, that was one of the lowest lights in terms of what had happened.”

Of course, no one in that interview was going to talk about the fact that former President Barack Obama bypassed the will of the American people when he unilaterally decided to force DACA on our country through a much-hated executive order. As the interview continued, Harris tried to make her claim about dreamers being some great majority of American patriots.

“These kids who are serving our military, they’re in colleges and universities. They are working in fortune 100 companies, and they are playing by the rules. They were vetted to see if they’ve committed any crimes, if they are living a productive life, and if they living life the way that we want them to, we said, ‘We will give them protection,’ then arbitrarily we took that protection away,” Harris said.

Nevermind that Obama arbitrarily shoved DACA down our throats. Harris is just another Democrat who won’t admit that her party is responsible for the illegal immigration crisis that Trump is dealing with at the moment and millions of Americans are footing the bill for.

After more liberal talking points from the California hag, Ellen proceeded to ask Harris a series of questions read from a stack of cards. “If you had to be stuck in an elevator with either President Trump, Mike Pence, or Jeff Sessions, who would it be?” Ellen asked, as reported by The Washington Free Beacon.

“Does one of us have to come out alive?” Harris cackled. DeGeneres, along with her studio audience, laughed along with the sick joke, proving that liberals are completely okay with humorizing violence as long as it’s about a conservative or a Republican.

I don’t expect that the mainstream media will criticize either Ellen DeGeneres or Kamala Harris over the tasteless joke. But, there isn’t anything amusing or funny about such ugly remarks, and Senator Harris has once again proven that she can’t possibly be a leader for any Americans, except for those on the far left.

In contrast to Kamala Harris, one thing about President Donald Trump that liberals don’t want to acknowledge is that he sincerely desires to see all Americans succeed and exercise their constitutional rights regardless of their political background. Plainly put, the Democrats need to dig deeper and find a candidate with more class.

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