Kamala Vows Giving Welfare Users Down Payments On Homes, Americans Sound Alarm

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Kamala Harris is right on Joe Biden’s heels as the possible Democratic nominee, and now she is vowing to give people on welfare taxpayer monies for down payments on homes. Harris told “The View” today those on federally subsidized housing and are owed reparations deserve to own homes. Whoopi Goldberg and her co-hosts loved it, but middle-class Americans immediately sounded the alarm on the senator’s ridiculous scheme.

Kamala Harris and President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Kamala Harris is on the attack, and she’s directing it at Joe Biden and President Donald Trump as she inches closer to taking the frontrunner spot as the Democratic nominee for president. Part of the California Senator’s platform has to do with giving away free stuff: free healthcare, free college tuition, reparations, and now in what she calls “closing the racial wealth gap” to give away down payments on houses.

“Yes, I’m all for closing the racial wealth gap and reparations,” Harris said on The View. “We have had a history of red-lining and excluding African-American homeowners particularly from families of buying homes. I intend giving people living in federally subsidized housing a federal grant that will help them put down payments on homes.”

The leftwing audience erupted with applause as Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and Sunny Hostin gushed. Only Meghan McCain sat there withholding her applause. Kamala forgot to tell them this is a 100 billion dollar housing plan that would surely bankrupt the country.

 Americans tuning in across the nation see a huge problem with Kamala Harris’ free down payment plan to “close the racial wealth gap.” 

“Oh so the middle class that busts their asses every day and pay exorbitant rents will never be able to afford a home because they make enough to pay their bills but not save and the poor people that are already getting help you’re gonna hand them more money. BS,” tweeted Patti Kinder.

“How about assistance for people who are not in federally subsidized homes?! The wait list is 10 years long and they already recovering housing assistance! Focus on those who don’t receive any but can’t get the assistance because the wait list is too long!” tweeted Twitter user “FakeNews101.”

“So Kamala how will you help ?????? By Giving welfare queens and dead beats more free unearned money!!!! Foreclosure rates will skyrocket!!!!!!!!” tweeted “JumpingJollyBean.”

“A total waste of taxpayer money on people who cannot finance a TV. Let’s use your money Kalmala. You are fooling no one,” tweeted Tony Dunnell.

Didn’t America just go through a huge recession thanks to a similar plan brought to us by Bill Clinton? The answer is a sounding yes. 

“Among the greatest threats to neighborhoods is mortgage delinquency and foreclosure, which results in vacated or deteriorating homes. That’s exactly what happened in the wake of the financial crisis, when foreclosures hurt blacks and Hispanics disproportionately,” reports The City Journal.

Those foreclosure rates were, in part, the result of home purchases that required low down payments, or even “zero down.” Loose lending practices enabled unqualified buyers to borrow large sums of money without demonstrating that they could pay it back. These “no doc” and “liar loans” encouraged speculative buying and brought people into the property market who probably had no business being there.

Riverside County in California was one of the hardest-hit areas of the nation. One Hispanic gardener, who was also an illegal immigrant was able to buy a million-dollar home in the exclusive community in Murrieta, California. With little or no down payment and thanks to no income qualifying documentation needed, he bought the property but soon could not make the huge payments.

Tracks of beautiful homes in Riverside County had countless foreclosures in the neighborhoods. The properties went into disrepair, and the rest of the homeowners suffered as their homes lost value.

“The go-go environment of fast money, house flipping, and dodgy mortgage terms left many unqualified buyers unable to keep up with payments when the economy turned south, and they lost their homes. That environment hurt those who scrimped and saved to accumulate housing wealth the old-fashioned way,” added The City Journal.

This is exactly what will happen if we elect any Democrat to office. It might not be the housing market, however, all of the candidates for president are promising ridiculous free stuff deals that will bankrupt this country in record speed. We will see another Great Depression. This is why the 2020 election is so important. We must make sure all our family and friends get this vital information. When you have all the facts there is only one choice that makes any sense — President Donald Trump.

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