PHOTOS: Kansas Store Gets HUGE Reaction After What Sign Says About Veterans

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A Kansas grocery store got a bit more attention than they thought they would after shoppers took notice of what they placed in front of their store. As it turns out, the owners placed a sign out front that resulted in the company getting a little more than they expected — and it all stems from what they had to say about our U.S. veterans.

Kansas Store Gets HUGE Reaction After What Sign Says About Veterans
Stock images of Hy-Vee (left) and veterans (right) for visual representation only. (Photo Credit: FacebookGood Free Photos)

The matter was shared on the Facebook pro-police page called Ohio Going Blue after a fan of their page sent in a picture from Hy-Vee, a grocery store in Manhattan, Kansas. However, it’s not so much the store that has everyone’s attention as it is a sign that management recently put out front.

As it turns out, the owner decided to put up a sign about veterans in front of the store, prompting quite a response — and for good reason. In fact, all it will take is one look and you too, like so many others who have seen it, will understand why the store is getting a bit more attention than they likely anticipated.

Most Americans know that certain parking spaces are reserved closer to the store for a variety of reasons. Of course, we know the reason why handicapped places are up front, but sometimes certain stores see fit to offer closer spaces to people for other specific reasons such as “pregnant or new mom” parking seen at stores where moms frequent, especially with their children.

Fortunately, it seems that the owner of at least on Hy-Vee has found a reason to designate a few spaces for something else. As seen in the picture, the display simply reads, “SUPER HERO PARKING ONLY: Veterans, Active Duty, EMT’s, Police Force, Firefighters.

https://wwKansas Store Gets HUGE Reaction After What Sign Says About
The sign that was seen at Hy-Vee (Photo Credit: Facebook)

In short, they reserved a few parking spaces toward the front of the lot, closest to the store, for the brave men and women who selflessly serve our country. As one would imagine, the image, showing what the grocery store had done, immediately went viral — but that’s not all.

Come to find out, the post has allowed for others across the country to share that this location isn’t the only place that has done it. In fact, others were quick to comment with their own pictures showing similar sentiments in a few other states.

Kansas Store Gets HUGE Reaction After What Sign Says About Veterans
Signs seen at other stores across the country (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Although these surely aren’t the only other cities that do the same, Facebook users state that they’ve seen signs in Fairfield and Johnston, Iowa, as well. Even better yet, some commenters stated that the signs gave them a great idea to put up something similar in front of their own businesses, as they had never thought of it before.

This nation truly is a great place, and it’s largely because of those who volunteer to put their lives on the line every day. In the end, Hy-Vee did a perfect job, calling these people exactly what they are, as sometimes the word “hero” alone just doesn’t seem to be enough.

There’s just something special about a person who writes a blank check for the country — willing to serve even if it costs them their own life. They deserve more than a simple “thank you” – even though that is a good start. Fortunately, we have people out there willing to go above and beyond when it comes to demonstrating just how grateful we are for every one of the sacrifices made to keep our country safe.

Fortunately, with President Donald Trump in office, this kind of patriotism and respect is making a comeback in this country – and rightfully so. The left really has done some damage here in America, but it’s high time we take our country back, and small gestures like the one that Hy-Vee is doing seem like the perfect place to start.