Kanye West Humiliates Obama, Vows to Correct One of Barack’s Biggest Failures

Kanye West recently announced a new plan to help millions of people. The initiative directly called out former President Barack Obama, whom Kanye claimed did nothing. It’s now sparking debate over the president’s dwindling legacy.

Kanye West called out Barack Obama for neglecting this crucial issue. Now, the rapper is taking action himself. (Photo Credit: Melodie Jeng/Getty Images, U.S. Department of State/Flickr)

Even today, former President Barack Obama is a divisive figure. While many still worship the politician, more and more are waking up to a dark reality. After eight years in office, Obama never made good on his many promises. His campaign mantra of “Hope and Change” resulted in nothing. The country, in many ways, was worse off than it was before.

Obama’s time in office was marked with controversy, heavy government oversight, and a lagging economy. Obama pushed disastrous policies that hampered American innovation and saw countless jobs shipped overseas. Obama’s heavy-handed tax policy made it impossible for small businesses to get off the ground. Meanwhile, the rich elite continued to prosper.

Famed rapper Kanye West has recently made waves with his comments about both Barrack Obama and President Donald Trump. The celebrated artist claimed he frequently tried to reach out to the Obama administration, only to be ignored and rejected. Both Kanye and Obama come from the same city; his hope was to work with the first African American to improve the lives of the many people who live there.

Yet after eight years, Obama refused to listen. He was even quoted on several occasions insulting Kanye West.

Compare that to Donald Trump, who invited Kanye to Trump Tower for a meeting during the transition.

Recently, Kanye West called out Obama for doing nothing to fix the serious problems in their hometown of Chicago.

It was met with resounding silence from the former president, who is pushing for a massive library to be built in the city. Now, Kanye is vowing to do something to confront Chicago’s growing challenges.

On a recent visit to Chicago, Kanye West stopped to take a brief interview with reporters about the state of the city, which has suffered from spates of violence and labors under a massive budget deficit. There were with over 70 shootings during the first weekend of August alone.

West said he plans on returning regularly to his hometown because he believes he can contribute to some of the important work being done in the city…

In the same interview, Kanye unofficially announced the creation of a group called “Donda Social,” named after his late mother, who raised him in Chicago. The group counts among its goals, “improving living conditions” for Chicagoans by “assisting neighborhoods that have facing dire issues with housing, education, gun violence and drinking water.” [Source: Daily Wire]

It’s pretty sad that a major American city is struggling to provide drinking water to its people. But in Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago, that’s the reality. That’s not even getting into the shocking gun violence the city has suffered in recent years.

By the way, Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country. Funny how that happens.

You’d think that at least once in his eight years in office, Obama would have tried to do something to improve Chicago. As Commander in Chief, with massive influence, he could have brought positive attention to the city. He could have encouraged businesses to invest, bringing jobs. Obama could have worked to improve the education system.

Perhaps he could have gotten his rich elite buddies, like Oprah Winfrey (another rich Chicagoan) to launch initiatives. Instead, there was nothing.

Kanye isn’t the only notable rapper trying to make a difference. He is teaming up with Chance the Rapper to improve Chicago.

He added that he was in Chicago to work with Chance the Rapper on his album. Chance, a fixture in Chicago culture and politics, recently launched an effort to subsidize education in the city and is reportedly looking at Kanye as a potential partner in his efforts.

“I love the city, and I am going to be here a lot more…. It is a super inspiring place that made me who I am,” said Kanye. “I believe there is some work that I can contribute to.” [Source: Daily Wire]

You better believe that Kanye West will be able to get President Donald  Trump to look into the problems in Chicago. Trump has already improved the lives of millions of Americans, thanks to the booming economy. Efforts on the part of his administration are improving our education system, especially in areas like Chicago. I’m sure much more is on the horizon.