Kathy Griffin Says, ‘I’m Scared As Hell,’ After Trump Sends Nasty Surprise To Her Doorstep

President Donald Trump (left), Kathy Griffin (right)

Kathy Griffin will always be remembered as the Hollywood “D-list” comedian who held up a life-like, bloody severed head of President Donald Trump for a photo that she posted for the world to see. Well, the world saw it, including Trump’s young son, Barron, who was rightfully traumatized by the event. Now, reports are coming in about the nasty surprise President Trump just delivered to Griffin’s doorstep, causing her to say she’s “scared as hell.”

Kathy Griffin was shocked when she answered her door to find the “men in black” on her porch. Yep, Griffin was “scared as hell” as the men identified themselves as the Secret Service. Griffin has tried to keep this under wraps, but TMZ and Circa News have been watching the Griffin residence, tipped off that the D-list comedian was about to get an official visit from the president’s special agents.

“Comedian Kathy Griffin was interviewed by members of the Secret Service for more than an hour after she posed for photos with a fake severed head that appeared to resemble President Trump. The news was first reported by political journalist Yashar Ali, who said that the Secret Service inquiry into the photo remains open,” reports Circa News.

TMZ‘s Harvey Levin’s connections told him that Griffin was under investigation, but it was not until they showed up at Griffin’s residence that we learned this was very serious for the 56-year-old actress-comedian. Apparently, this investigation has been going on for over a month, and now, we know that Griffin was on the hot seat with the Secret Service for over an hour.

“For context, Griffin’s lawyers confirmed that an investigation had been opened and that they intended to fully co-operate. Responding to a Think Progress article arguing that TMZ had become the media’s ‘most potent‘ pro-Trump outlet, the comedian hinted last week at rising tensions around the Secret Service’s inquiry,” reported Vulture.

So, Griffin is pissed off at Harvey Levin’s TMZ, and she clearly indicates in the tweet that this federal investigation is pretty serious. By saying, “may you never be under federal investigation,” she shows that the Secret Service isn’t fooling around. She’s under ongoing stress as the investigation heats up. When Griffin first accused Donald Trump of “trying to ruin [her] life forever” after releasing that notoriously gory photograph, most viewed it as an additional gaffe on the comedian’s part, a poorly conceived attempt to redirect the conversation away from how she’d been nearly universally condemned for crossing the line.

But, now, she is pointing to the ongoing federal investigation by the Secret Service as Trump trying to wrongly “ruin her life.” Liberal media are agreeing that Griffin is on to something, and they are backing her ridiculous attempt to make this about Trump settling a vendetta against her.

Huffington Post reports, “The comedian quickly apologized [for the pic]. Yet in a June 2 press conference held to explain her actions, she accused the Trump family of trying to ruin her life, calling the president a bully and stating that she would not back away from her criticism.”

Asked whether she thought the backlash against her was particularly harsh because she is a woman comedian, Griffin answered with certainty, saying, “This is a woman thing. I’m sorry if you don’t agree with me, but I live it. I’m 56 years old. Everywhere I go, there’s a male promoter. The people who sign my checks are white guys, usually older white guys.”

Kathy Griffin needs to hear this: Donald Trump got more votes from white educated women than Hillary Clinton. Many say that’s one of the big reason Hillary lost — because educated suburban women didn’t trust her at all. So, Griffin is damn lucky to get out of this without any prison time, and if she’s scared, so be it. It’s karma coming back to bite her in the butt. Barron Trump was scared too, thanks to the image he saw, but that mattered little to the left.

Like all liberal women, Griffin is a selfish man-hater, and they never take responsibility for their actions. There’s always a caveat to their so-called apologies. She’s getting exactly what she deserves, and other Hollywood celebs should be warned, Trump isn’t playing around when it comes to those losers who want to take him on, nor should he.

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