Kathy Griffin Complains Trump Photo Damaged Her Badly, Patriots Torch Her

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Kathy Griffin is complaining about the fall out from her infamous 2017 photoshoot which pictured President Donald Trump’s fake severed head. Griffin says she is the victim that has been through so much and President Trump is the man who ruined her life. Well, that’s when Americans torched her. You’ll love this.

Trump supporters for representational purposes (left), Kathy Griffin in 2017 with fake severed head of President Trump (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, Kathy Griffin/Twitter)

Leftist comedian Kathy Griffin addressed the fallout of her 2017 photoshoot in which she held a blood-soaked replica of President Donald Trump’s head, telling the Associated Press in an interview that it left her “unemployable and uninsurable.”

“I kept saying, ‘I think this is an important, historic story,’” Griffin said, explaining her decision to tape her side of the story. “The President and the Department of Justice shouldn’t make you unemployable and uninsurable.”

And now she hoping to make money from the fall-out. 

According to the AP:

The result is a feature film, “Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story” that’s part documentary, part comedy special. She financed it herself and carried a poster from interview to interview on a recent press day.

“Look, I made it at Kinkos, OK? I’m still on the D-list,” she quipped, referring to the Bravo reality series that earned her two Emmy Awards.

The documentary portion gets raw, Griffin said. “Like ugly Kathy, no makeup, crying.” But it’s also funny. Griffin taped stand-up that’s edited into the film. (She tried to sell it as a stand-alone comedy special and “nobody would even look at it.”)

Griffin carried a much different tone immediately following the backlash and eventually admitted that she “screwed up.” She wrote on Twitter in May 2017: “I am sorry. I went too far. I was wrong.” Her apology was short-lived, though, as she eventually flip-flopped and claimed the image does not bother her.

“You can be as offended by that photo all you want, that doesn’t bother me at all. But I want people to know I didn’t break the law,” she told the AP. “If you take a photo like that, you didn’t break the law. I didn’t violate the First Amendment in any way. If you take a photo like that, you didn’t violate the First Amendment in any way.”

Trump tweeted about the image after it circulated, stating at the time that his youngest son, Barron, was “having a hard time” dealing with the image.

Shortly after the photo circulated, Secret Service opened an investigation.

“The U.S. Secret Service has a critical mission. It is always unfortunate when people make statements that could be perceived as threats,” the statement read. “We don’t have the luxury of knowing a person’s intent. Each alleged or perceived threat has to be investigated thoroughly which taxes Secret Service manpower and resources that could be utilized elsewhere.”

Griffin held a press conference with her attorney, Lisa Bloom, in June 2017 and cried as she accused the Trump family of bullying her. She said Trump was “personally trying to ruin my life forever.”

Now, she is trying to make money once again off of the sick situation. Well, Americans aren’t buying the victim card Griffin is selling. 

SHUT THE HELL UP @KathyGriffin. No one cares or wants to listen to your whining. This is your fault, you did this to yourself. Now go back to your box with your media friends and leave the rest of us to watch the successes of @realDonaldTrump in peace,” tweeted Ricky Wilde.

“Absolutely the righteous consequence of this preposterous act! Jailtime would have been the right substance for it also! Kathy Griffin: Bloody Trump Photo Left Me ‘Unemployable and Uninsurable,” tweeted Michael Preisfreund.

“Another crybaby who can dish it out, but can’t take it. Stinks to be you Kathy,” tweeted Caren Ragan.

Kathy Griffin barely had a career when she chose to pull that bloody head stunt, and she was damned lucky the Secret Service didn’t throw her in prison.

So we find it rather rich that she is now attempting to use the consequences of her own actions and turn that into some sort of new revenue stream. Sometimes people chose actions that have lifelong consequences, and Kathy Griffin hasn’t suffered anywhere near enough for what she did to the president and his family, and the majority of Americans agree.

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