Kellyanne EVISCERATES The ‘F***cking Miserable Person’ Who Attacked Her

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Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway has become perhaps the media’s favorite punching bag out of all the top-tier Trump administration officials. This is unfortunate, considering that she’s the very first woman to ever lead a winning presidential campaign, which should make her a legitimate female icon. Conway is now calling out the “f***cking miserable person” who attacked her, proving that she’s got thick skin, a sharp tongue, and shouldn’t be messed with.

Conway is given a lengthy profile in the most recent edition of NY Mag, but Conservative 101 reports that “in many ways the author was condescending towards her, cramming in several insults.” This is hardly a surprise, though, considering the way Conway has been treated by the media thus far. In the face of the media’s usual antics, President Donald Trump’s senior advisor stood her ground, and when the topic of “alternative facts” arose, she came out swinging.

“Two plus two is four. Three plus one is four. Partly cloudy, partly sunny. Glass half full, glass half empty. Those are alternative facts,” said Conway. “Anybody who pretends I’m not smart or not credible, it’s like, ‘Excuse me, I’ve spoken 1.2 million words on TV, okay? You wanna focus on two here and two there, it’s on you, you’re a f*cking miserable person, P.S., just whoever you are.'”

The March 20-April 3 issue of NY Magazine feature President Donald Trump’s senior advisor and former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway on the cover. (Source: New York Magazine)

It wasn’t all bad, though. The magazine went on to say, “Horrified critics of the president are often surprised to find that, in person, it’s very difficult to dislike Conway. With her airy voice and cheeky sense of humor, she’s charming and magnetic almost in the manner of a particularly gifted retail politician, and without the alien creepiness that actually being a politician sometimes requires.”

It continues, “She’s also pathologically social, her life a hamster wheel of meetings, briefings, appearances, interviews, events, and cocktail parties — something that separates her from someone like, say, Bannon.”

Fortunately for Kellyanne Conway, the media trolls who seemingly can’t stand her also cannot diminish her accomplishments or her influence. She is absolutely right — if you want to focus on two words she has said on television out of 1.2 million, then you are the problem. Meanwhile, she’ll be helping the leader of the free world run the free world as one of the most influential women in the world, whether the left wants to recognize her contributions or not.

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