Watch: Fierce Kellyanne SHREDS Cooper’s Idiotic Assumptions About Trump

After busting through the glass ceiling by becoming the first woman to ever run a successful presidential campaign, Kellyanne Conway’s fierceness just keeps getting better. When confronted by far-left liberal Anderson Cooper, who questioned Donald Trump’s ability to lead America, Kellyanne refused to give him the answers he wanted and, instead, shredded his idiotic assumptions on live television.

Over the last several months, Kellyanne Conway has put up with a lot of crap from anti-Trumpers, who have relentlessly attacked her for being a woman and running Donald Trump’s campaign. Then, the same liberals —  some of whom claim to be feminists — refused to give her credit for being the first woman to ever head a campaign for a candidate who actually won. In spite of the negativity, Kellyanne handled it all with confidence, grace, and more than a little fierceness when it’s called for.

Although Anderson Cooper wasn’t as obviously aggressive toward her as the hags on The View were before the election, his underlying tone was definitely one of derision for Donald Trump and for Kellyanne too, by association. However, she handled him like the badass she is, putting him squarely in his place when he made the assumption that Trump was somehow clueless about United States’ foreign policy.

By now, pretty much everyone has heard that Donald Trump accepted a congratulatory phone call from Taiwan’s female president, Tsai Ing-wen, on Friday — and no, in spite of some liberal’s claims, he did not initiate the call. The left, of course, is having a hissy-fit because, apparently, it’s been U.S. “policy” since the 1970’s to refuse to acknowledge Taiwan’s sovereignty in favor of appeasing the communist Chinese government, which likes to believe that Taiwan somehow belongs to China — whether Taiwan likes it or not.

Anderson Cooper apparently assumes that because President-elect Trump chose to take the call from Ing-wen, he must be ignorant about foreign policy and should have consulted the current U.S. State Department for instructions prior to graciously accepting the Taiwanese president’s congratulations.

This is something that China takes very seriously and, you know, this has been longstanding US policy toward China not to recognize Taiwan,” Cooper asserted. I suppose he also believes that kids in grade school should always take the side of the bully in order to keep from becoming victims themselves.

Is there a policy before talking to a world leader or the President of Taiwan that he would be briefed by the State Department or that he would be sure to, you know, be fully up on US-Taiwan, Taiwan’s unofficial relations?” Cooper asked later, adding to his initial request for Kellyanne to reveal all of the details of what Trump and Ing-wen spoke about.

Noticeably perturbed, Kellyanne gave a terse, “Right,” indicating she thought Cooper was being absurd. “But again, I can’t discuss anything beyond what’s been publicly said and I won’t do that. And this is a president-elect, this will be his administration and he’ll be Commander-in-Chief and he’ll be President of the United States, imminently now, and he will either disclose or not disclose the contents of that conversation,” she reiterated.”But he’s well aware of what US policy has been,” she added.

Of course, Cooper kept pressing, questioning whether President-elect Trump was well-versed enough on foreign policy for it to be appropriate for him to speak to other world leaders. That’s when Kellyanne busted out the big guns, defending Trump’s knowledge and reminding Cooper that President Obama had pretty much zero experience when he was elected, yet no one called him out for doing the same thing.

Obviously, the left would have preferred that Donald Trump snub Ing-wen as all of his predecessors have done since 1979. News flash, Democrats, Trump isn’t your typical politician, thank God, and he was elected to break the mold of business-as-usual in D.C., not conform to it.

Anderson Cooper and his fellow mouthpieces for the left are going to have to try a heck of a lot harder if they hope to ever intimidate the fierce Kellyanne Conway. Rather, they should probably just give up. So far, they’ve only managed to embarrass themselves.

[h/t Rick Wells]

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