WATCH: Kentucky Thug Beats Robbery Victim, Gets Brutal Justice When He Tries To Get Away

A shocking video has emerged out of Louisville, Kentucky, where an armed thug tied up his victim before robbing and pistol whipping him. Now, the clip has gone viral after the thieving punk received a dose of brutal justice when he tried to leave the scene of the crime.

Corey Antonio Boykin Jr. (left and right) (Photo Credit: Wave3, YouTube/LMPD)

According to Blue Lives Matter, the violent robbery took place on Sunday, October 8, 2017. Police officers from the sixth and seventh divisions of the Louisville Police Department arrived at an industrial park at approximately 9 p.m. to investigate an assault.

After being on the scene for nearly an hour, the officers left without finding anything abnormal. A short time later, another call came in reporting shots fired at the same location. This time, when the cops arrived, it was a whole different story.

According to local news source WDRB, multiple officers converged on the door to one of the offices in the industrial park. The body cam footage that came from the next 30 seconds is unbelievable. Police said that 24-year-old Corey Antonio Boykin Jr. came out of the door with a pistol in his hand, but this thug’s luck was about to run out.

At the beginning of the clip, multiple officers are seen surrounding the door to an office. Boykin Jr. comes out in a flash with his gun in hand and immediately gets hit with several rounds from two of the officers. This was the last time that the punk would victimize an innocent person.

Officers are seen in the video dragging him out of the path of the doorway. Boykin Jr. was then transported to University Hospital, where he died of his gunshot wounds, and rightfully so, although some people are trying to fault the officers, claiming that they didn’t give Boykin Jr. the opportunity to drop his weapon. In my opinion, they made the right call by removing this parasite from society — permanently — before he could take the life of an innocent officer.

Officers found the victim still bound with duct tape and suffering from a blow to the head. On Monday, October 9, 2017, Maj. Frank Hardison of the Louisville Police Department spoke at a press conference where he confirmed that Boykin Jr. was shot to death by officers John Dillon and Nick Ulery when he came out of the business entrance with a gun. At least 5 shots were fired at the suspect before he dropped to the ground. Below is another view from one of the officer’s body cameras.

“It is only through a thorough and complete investigation that we can fully ensure that deadly force was justified and that all of our policies and procedures and training were followed,” LMPD Chief Steve Conrad said. Officer Ulery and Officer Dillon who are both from the 7th Division of LMPD have been placed on administrative leave pending the completion of the internal investigation. Dillon has been serving the Louisville community as a police officer for 2 years and Ulery one year. Hardison said that footage from both the body cameras and surveillance cameras will be studied to ensure the integrity of his department.

One of Boykin Jr.’s friends, named Miguel Rivera, was interviewed by WAVE3. He said, “After watching the press conference, I was still in shock that even happened.” Rivera said that Boykin Jr. was a rap artist and went by the name Cobo. Maybe if Cobo would have stuck to rapping about crime instead of committing it, he’d still be alive. At least Rivera was honest about his dead friend’s criminal behavior. “I’m too logical and sensible of a person to know that, I mean it’s true,” Rivera said. “He did. I wish things were different. Part of me wishes I was there to at least calm him down. He always had that inner demon, that struggle that he was always fighting,” Rivera added.

LMPD is a class-act. Those two officers deserve admiration for their bravery and resolve to put evil where it belongs. Boykin Jr. is solely responsible for his early death. When he decided to carry out an armed robbery and assault on an innocent person, he provoked karma and forfeited his life because of it.

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