Khan’s True Beliefs Exposed As Muslim Dad Goes On Bizarre Twitter Tirades

Khizar Khan is the Muslim dad who threw the Constitution in Donald Trump’s face at the Democratic National Convention (DNC), but now, more information is coming to light, exposing his true nature. This guy has a shady background and is on social media, outing his controversial beliefs with his bizarre Twitter tirades and his continued harassment of Donald and Melania Trump.

Picture of Hillary that Khan tweeted, saying this is how she should dress for inauguration (left), Khan and his wife (right)

Khizar Khan has been on social media non-stop since his speech at the DNC last week, exposing his anti-semitic leanings. Showing how incredibly sick Khan is, his entire Twitter feed is full of Jewish slurs and unabashed self-promotion.

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Khan seems to retweet every anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian tweet that comes his way, and there is no mistaking his exact beliefs on Israel. For example, he retweeted this: “These media so concerned about Trump and Ukraine should ask Hillary if she believes the West Bank is occupied.” The West Bank is the point of contention between Israel and the Palestinians.

Khan also supports Black Lives Matter, and next, we learn about Khan’s interpretation of our Constitution that he so flippantly referred to at the DNC. According to Khan, Thomas Jefferson was influenced by the Quran when writing the Constitution.

Khan is delusional, and the link on that tweet goes to a book, which talks about Jefferson wanting freedom of religion for all religions, but somehow nutty Khan thinks he was inspired by the Quran. It’s completely crazy.

Khan tweeted a picture of Hillary in a hijab and said,And to be honest, I prefer when she’s more modestly attired too. Perhaps for her inauguration?” He is tweeting to Hillary Clinton non-stop ever since his big speech at the DNC. For example, Hillary tweets, “Road trip,” and Khan tweets to her, “I would like to see some Pakistani-Americans traveling with Mrs. Clinton, truth be told. Representation is important.”

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When it comes to journalists, Khan said, “It shows the quality of American journalism that nearly all of them advocate for .” I guess Khan doesn’t know that all liberal journalists are in the tank for Hillary and all leftists.

Khan also decided to tweet a photoshopped picture of Melania, which depicts her nude. It’s her face but not her body. With the altered image, he wrote, “America is because of Muslims and our values, such as modesty for women. Mrs. Trump should learn.

Donald & Melania Trump

His completely disgusting Twitter feed doesn’t seem to end. He tweeted to Fox News media correspondent Howie Kurtz, “You have a black soul.” This was in response to Kurtz saying, “Partisans: I am not criticizing Khizr Khan, whose son was a hero. But media treated Patricia Smith differently. Watch the segment.”

Having a “black soul” is something deranged Khan likes to say about anyone who disagrees with him. After Khan made a statement that Trump’s soul is also black, he double downed and tweeted, “He’s a ginger. Everyone knows they have no soul.”

So, who is Khizar Khan? Well, from what we can gather, he is a Hillary shill that is going rogue, an opportunist of the worst kind. On July 23, two days before his big speech at the DNC, Khan put up a hastily made website called “American Muslims Vote.”

Clarice Feldman at American Thinker agrees that Khan is a plant. She says, “[Khan] is a Muslim Cindy Sheehan playing on people’s sympathies to foster a Democratic Party political agenda. And of course, in that goal he has the full-throated support of the American media.”

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Thomas Jefferson (left) Liberal media’s response to Khan and Benghazi mom Pat Smith (middle & right)

Khan admits his wife doesn’t drive. He said that woman shouldn’t drive, and he says women can’t park sports utility vehicles. What a contradictory statement from a man supporting a woman for president.

Hillary is running on the gender card, and Khan is proving to be a disaster, but there is some justice here. Who better to endorse and speak for Hillary but an anti-Semite, misogynist, opportunist. Whoever hired Khan at Hillary’s campaign will likely be fired since he is a total nightmare for Hillary. However, she is getting exactly the kind of representative she deserves.

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