Kids Cried For Hours, Then Toddler Opens Door & They See What’s Behind Him

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After hours of continuous crying, neighbors surrounding an Odessa, Texas home decided something needed to be done about it, but they weren’t the ones to call the police. It took a stranger, showing up for an unexpected visit, to alert authorities after a 4-year-old answered the door, and the visitor noticed what was in the background.

Kids Crying For Hours, Then Toddler Opens Door & They See What's Behind Him
Crystal Carrasco

According to CBS 7, three children, ages 1-, 3-, and 4-years old, were home at the time, and they had reportedly been crying for at least two hours before an unidentified stranger showed up at their home. More shocking than a toddler answering the door on his own, for someone unknown, was what that visitor saw over the child’s shoulder and in his hand.

Had neighbors called police long before, it wouldn’t have gotten as far as it did. Thankfully, the guest turned out to be a godsend and not a bad guy.

The children’s mother, 24-year-old Crystal Carrasco, had left the three home alone while she dropped her eldest off at school, then went grocery shopping. As deplorable as that decision was, what’s worse is what happened to the toddlers when left up to their own devices for hours with absolutely no supervision.

The visitor heard unbearable crying coming from a bedroom, where the 1-year-old was found naked in their crib. The 3-year-old was wandering around in a sagging soiled diaper, and worse yet, the 4-year-old had an open bottle of antacids in hand, which he was about to swallow when the guest came to the door.

Police and Child Protective Services were called to the home, and when the mother eventually returned from her leisurely afternoon, she was arrested and charged with three counts of Abandoning or Endangering a Child. There’s no word about a father in the home or involved with the family, but it’s fair to say that this probably wasn’t the first time the kids were left behind.

This mother isn’t ready or willing to be a parent since she puts her convenience ahead of her children’s safety. All of those kids need to be removed from the home and placed in an environment where they aren’t an afterthought or inconvenience.

What’s sad about that resolve, if it actually comes to fruition, despite CPS’s best efforts to avoid it, is that Carrasco would likely be elated with the parenting reprieve. It’s a miracle that this visitor came to the door when they did and wasn’t a shady character, which could have easily been the case.

Had the guest been moments later, the 4-year-old would have consumed a handful of antacids and become ill from the overdose. Now, it’s up to protective services to do their job and make sure that all of Carrasco’s kids aren’t put back in a situation where they won’t be so lucky to be saved the next time she neglects them.