Kids Taste Something Off In School Lunches, Horrified By What They Find

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Kids Taste Something Off In School Lunches, Horrified By What They Find
Pictured: Horrifying items and substances in school cafeteria lunches (left & right), Michelle Obama (inset)

New York City public schools serve food to 1.1 million students. However, after a horrifying discovery in one school cafeteria, students are now eating at an outside deli while school officials are scrambling to put in place a cover-up of the entire disgusting, hazardous affair.

As reported by Breaking 911, pizza and chicken have been yanked from one New York high school’s cafeteria menu, and students are so disgusted that they vow to never eat at school again. Reporter Marcia Kramer of CBS met with students from Stuyvesant High School and showed them pictures of what she found after they started making disturbing reports about the lunches. The pictures showed things like mold on the pizza and pieces of metal in the chicken.

“It’s probably a good thing that they pulled pizza off the menu that has like black mold on the underside,” said Stuyvesant student Oliver Frank of Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

“I’m going to continue to eat lunch outside, thank you very much,” said Stuyvesant student James Sowell of Chelsea.

Kramer and CBS have been demanding answers from school officials, although so far, their efforts are largely in vain. Kramer was only able to obtain the pictures of a whistle-blower from inside the organization.

The problems are not exclusive to Stuyvesant, Kramer found. Between February 17 and March 13, there were four complaints about pizza from schools across the city. On four other occasions, bones were found in the chicken tenders and one cafeteria worked choked on a bone before being saved by a Heimlich maneuver.

Sources report that the chicken tenders have been removed from the menu, while the Department of Education admitted that its solution was to start X-raying tenders for bones. However, bones weren’t the only problem in the chicken. Apparently, metal was found in chicken nuggets as well.

When asked if parents have been notified about these problems, one school spokesman said, “I’ll have to get back to you on that one.” Eventually, Public Advocate Letitia James was notified.

“This is just alarming,” James said. “This mold, and this metal in the chicken nuggets is alarming and disturbing.”

“We need to suspend these contracts immediately,” James said. “We need to get to the bottom of this.”

James plans to hold public hearings, since, unfortunately, school lunch is the only meal of the day for many kids.

Ironically, these problems have become more widespread after the 8-year influence of the Obamas. It was not that long ago that Michelle Obama championed school lunches, and one would think that a liberal city like New York would see improvement with the help of the former First Lady.

Fortunately, Republicans are calling for President Donald Trump to reverse nearly 200 rules and regulation from 2010. “The regulations have proven to be burdensome and unworkable for schools to implement,” reads a related report from the House Freedom Caucus. “Schools are throwing food away that students are not eating.”

Given that some lunches have mold and metal in them, it is a good thing the food is not being consumed by students. This is yet another leftover, disturbing example of government failure, all at the hands of the Obama administration. Hopefully, Trump and his team will swiftly implement the needed changes. At the local level, perhaps parents should continue to pack lunches for their children.