‘Kill The NRA’ Billboard Pops Up Overnight, Gets Worse When Onlookers Take A Closer Look

In the middle of the night, a “Kill the NRA” billboard popped up on the side of the road in Louisville, Kentucky. As disturbed onlookers noticed the sign, it only got worse when they took a closer look.

‘Kill The NRA’ Billboard Pops Up Overnight, Onlookers Furious When They Take A Closer Look
President Donald Trump (left), the billboard (right) (Photo Credit: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images, Screengrab/WDRB)

The message, “Kill the NRA,” was placed on a billboard alongside I-65 North near the Fern Valley Road exit on Monday.

The sign was constructed as a clear and blatant attempt to call out the National Rifle Association, following the recent school shooting in Florida. However, there was a not-so-secret message hidden in plain sight on the board that has left many Trump supporters furious.

The billboard, which is owned by Outfront Media, had a little something additional painted on it, sending a clear message to President Donald Trump. “Resist 45,” it read. As WDRB explains, this is “a reference to a group that opposes Donald Trump as the 45th president.”

‘Kill The NRA’ Billboard Pops Up Overnight, Onlookers Furious When They Take A Closer Look
The billboard with “Resist 45” (Photo Credit: Screengrab/WDRB)

As is always the case after a shooting, debate over our nation’s gun laws in reignited. However, what liberals fail to see is that it’s not the gun that is the problem, but rather, the people who are controlling the guns and using them to kill innocent people.

Unfortunately, those on the left tend to ignore all the facts regarding the incident and cave to their emotions instead, blaming guns for the casualties. In fact, some of them even go as far to say that it’s Trump’s fault entirely, which only shows their bias since Barack Obama wasn’t blamed for mass shootings that happened on his watch.

Upon hearing about the billboard’s threat, the National Rifle Association (NRA) has turned to social media to share their response. They wrote, “Here’s an image from Kentucky, this morning. To all American gun owners, this is a wakeup call. They’re coming after us. Like and share to spread the word.”

Here’s an image from Kentucky, this morning. To all American gun owners, this is a wakeup call. They’re coming after us. Like and share to spread the word.

Posted by NRA – National Rifle Association of America on Monday, February 19, 2018

When Outfront Media was contacted about their involvement with the new billboard, they denied any responsibility. At first, they were completely unaware of the sign in general, but after looking into the matter, they claimed that it had been vandalized, according to Courier-Journal.

After seeing the threatening message, social media users weren’t afraid to express their anger over the sentiments. “I really believe in the wake of Trump winning the presidency, they are so despite and dangerous that they are willing to start a civil war because none of this nonsense would be going on if Hildabeast [Hillary Clinton] won, none of it!! They are doing everything they can to disrupt, resist, and try to cause harm to us and our elected president,” one social media user wrote.

“Once again people fail to recognize the real problem. It’s not the NRA, it’s not guns, it’s bad people with guns. Shall we legislate that good people with guns cannot have guns so that only bad people with guns can have guns? People need to quit reacting viscerally and think things through and come up with workable Solutions one that does not include taking guns away from responsible people,” another social media user blatantly pointed out.

There is no reason to “resist” President Donald Trump, especially over a school shooting. The irony of the entire sign is that whoever wrote the message is encouraging violence as revenge for a school shooting. Condoning more violence is not the answer.

Is taking away our Second Amendment rights a logical solution? No. It’s our responsibility as a society to recognize the real problem with the continuous debate involving the correlation between gun violence and gun control. Bad people will always get their hands on guns, regardless as to what the nation’s laws are, and we only need to look to Chicago or Detroit to realize this is true. Our country needs to address the problem, which isn’t the gun, and come up with a logical solution before it’s too late, yet again.

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