Watch: Porky Kim Jong-un Celebrates Military Power, Gets Humiliated Instead

Watch: Porky Kim Jong-un Celebrates Military Power, Gets Humiliated Instead
Pictured: Kim Jong-un (left), Military parade (right)

North Korea’s dictator attempted yet another show of strength and again got smacked with disappointment. This time, the entire embarrassing affair was captured on video for the entire free world to see, before laughing hysterically.

As the New York Times reported, North Korea launched a ballistic missile Sunday from the area near its submarine base in Sinpo, on the east coast. Just after liftoff, the missile failed miserably, becoming the latest in a series of failures for the communist country’s troubled dictator.

The timing of this missile failure was a “deep embarrassment” for Kim Jong-un, as the missile appeared to have been launched as part of a posturing effort as American warships approach his country. The missile blew up immediately, and American officials continue to investigate the entire affair.

Some believe that the United States played a role in the missile’s failure by somehow sabotaging it, but if so, US officials are not saying a word.

In an unusually worded statement that left hanging the question of whether the United States played any role in the latest launch’s failure, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said, “The president and his military team are aware of North Korea’s most recent unsuccessful missile launch. The president has no further comment.”

Unfortunately for the portly Kim Jong-un, the missile is not the only military equipment that failed recently. Video has emerged of North Korea’s military parade that celebrated the holiday, “Day of the Sun.” Liveleak reports that a South Korean tv station captured the moment one of Kim Jong-un’s tanks broke down and was forced to limp away from the parade. While the dictator watched from the stands, the tank’s spot remained empty and the crew was never seen again.

Watch the hilarious video for yourself, below:

Kim Jong-un, much like his father, loves to rattle sabers and gain the attention of the world at large, while other powers wonder if his antics amount to anything more than posturing or an attempt to gain humanitarian aid. When his father was in command, North Korea staged these kinds of demonstrations often, with little real military action.

So, we can only wonder whether Kim Jong-un is just another version of his father or if he will back up his posturing with legitimate action. Time will tell, but if the performance of his missiles and tanks is any indicator, perhaps he should put more effort into negotiating a peace deal rather than pretending that he is preparing for war.

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