‘Kim Jong Un’ Crashes Winter Olympics, North Korean Cheerleaders Reveal His ‘Nasty’ Secret

“Kim Jong Un” crashed the Winter Olympics this week, making a surprise appearance during a hockey game. In the midst of the mayhem which followed, the North Korean cheerleaders who were at the event inadvertently revealed the dictator’s “nasty” secret.

North Korea has grown increasingly hostile during the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency. Dictator Kim Jong Un isn’t used to having such a strong, determined, and unwavering leader in the White House, and has been pushing back against Trump, repeatedly firing off test missiles in a show of force aimed at the United States.

With the 2018 Winter Olympic Games being held in South Korea this year, the close proximity to Kim’s regime has presented an opportunity to facilitate diplomatic talks between rival nations.

The South Korean government is trying to use the Games to spur inter-Korean peace, while Kim Jong Un’s sister was strategically seated behind Vice President Mike Pence during the Opening Ceremony, where she could act as a direct channel to her brother’s rogue regime in the event that Pence decided to pass along a message.

All of the tension surrounding North Korea provided an opportunity for comic relief this week when a man bearing a remarkable resemblance to chubby dictator Kim Jong Un walked past the North Korean cheering section at a women’s hockey game. If the guy put an extra twenty pounds on, it’d be nearly impossible to tell him apart from Kim.

A man resembling North Korea’s supreme leader caused quite a stir by dancing in front of North Korean cheerleaders on Wednesday at the Winter Olympics.

The North Korean cheerleaders, handpicked for their good looks and loyalty to the regime, were far from thrilled by the presence of the faux Kim Jong Un in their section. Confusion quickly gave way to outrage as the man, who later identified himself as Howard, strolled past the North Korea’s cheerleaders during a hockey match in Gangneung, South Korea.

The Kim Jong Un lookalike made his way past the cheerleaders during a women’s hockey showdown between the unified Korean team and Japan. He was waving the unified Korea flag at the time.

The Kim Jong Un lookalike was shooed away by security officials, and then he was ultimately ejected from the arena. [Source: The Daily Caller]

The reaction of the North Korean cheerleaders to Howard was particularly telling. After they overcame their initial confusion, their faces bore looks of anger over the fact that a man would impersonate Kim for a laugh.

This just goes to show what a ruthless dictator Kim really is. Fun is forbidden in North Korea, where you’re liable to be tossed in a hard labor camp for decades simply for watching a Disney movie. Indeed, their appearance at the Olympics, where they are being forced to feign normalcy, will likely be the highlight of these cheerleaders’ lives.

This, of course, has not been the only controversy surrounding North Korea to surface during the Winter Games. As soon as the Opening Ceremony was underway, viewers noticed who was seated directly behind Vice President Mike Pence, who was chosen as the U.S. delegation to the Games.

It was none other than Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, who sent the media into a frenzy.

CNN claimed that she was “stealing the show” as she sat next to Pence and his wife Karen. “If ‘diplomatic dance’ were an event at the Winter Olympics, Kim Jong Un’s younger sister would be favored to win gold,” the outlet reported, showing undeserved favorability to a woman who has had a hand in the torture and murder of her own citizens.

As the Games continue, there will undoubtedly be more controversy to unfold surrounding North Korea. Mad World News will be the first to let you know when further news breaks!

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