Kim Kardashian Screws Over Caitlyn Jenner & Genocide Victims In 1 Sick Move

Caitlyn Jenner trying on a wedding dress (left), Kim Kardashian (right)

Kim Kardashian is paid millions for no real talent, and the one time she could use her celebrity status to help genocide victims, she ended up screwing them over. Even by Kardashian standards, Kim’s actions shocked everyone, especially when it was learned that she threw Caitlyn Jenner, her long-time stepdad, under the bus too. The Kardashians are known for their sick behavior, but Kim really takes the cake with what she just did.

Kim Kardashian promised the producers of the new movie “The Promise” that she would attend the opening to help promote the film. It is something that would have been a noble endeavor as the movie is about the 1915 Armenian genocide, and the Kardashians are Armenian-Americans.

Kim Kardashian at the premiere of the movie “The Promise.”

Kim made it to the premiere to walk down the red carpet, but she was too busy to stay and watch the film. Kim just isn’t interested in anything worthwhile or of value, and the thing is, she knew the press was watching her every move. So, Kim leaving early became the big story, not the long ignored genocide of the Armenians.

“Sources said that while Kardashian posed for pics with sister Kourtney and stars like Cher, she took off before the movie, starring Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac, began,” reports Page Six. “Kim did not stay,” said a source. “She was supposed to, but at the last minute ended up leaving.”

Kim probably has no idea what the Armenian genocide was even about. She couldn’t care less that it had to do with Christians being wiped out, leaving only a Muslim population.

“The events of World War I in the Ottoman Empire, where approximately two million Christian inhabitants were killed or disappeared traceless, are usually described as the 1915 genocide or the Armenian genocide since the Armenians constituted up to 1.5 million of these victims. The genocide practically emptied the Ottoman Empire and current Turkey from its Christian population, leaving an almost entirely Muslim/Turkish Turkey.” [Source:]

Armenian genocide survivors

If that isn’t bad enough, there’s more. No one can keep Kim from the cameras, but this time something was different. She instructed her handlers to keep the paparazzi at arm’s length because she did not want anyone to ask her about her mom’s ex, Caitlyn Jenner.

“Meanwhile, a source said Kardashian skipped speaking to the press because she did not want to answer questions about the upcoming Caitlyn Jenner memoir, ‘The Secrets of My Life,'” reported Page Six.  Then, Kim decided to tweet about the movie, which gives the media a timestamp, making her tweet seem lame since the movie had just begun.

“If you look at the time [of the tweet], that was about 20 minutes after the movie started,” a source close to Kardashian said. “She saw the movie independently. She has the flu and pulled it together to do arrival press.” The insider joked, “She could have. But she didn’t.”

Kim Kardashian is Armenian on her father’s side, and her people were counting on her to do one thing right — show up and stay in her seat for an entire film. She couldn’t get that simple task right because, like most celebrities today, she’s a narcissist. Luckily, the Armenian people don’t have to count on the Kardashians to keep Christianity alive. Thank God, today in Armenia, it is still the state religion with 93% of the population identifying as Christian. Kim can safely go back to taking selfies.

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