Kimmel Screams ‘Lock Up Entire Trump Family,’ President Slaps Him With Nasty Surprise

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Jimmy Kimmel was pushing the latest lies on the border crisis last night, even after President Donald Trump signed an order to “keep illegal families together on the border.” Trump called the Democrats bluff, knowing they don’t care about these kids. As if on cue from Chuck Schumer, Kimmel told his audience, “Lock up the entire Trump family,” but that didn’t go so well as Trump slapped him with a nasty surprise, making him look like a fool.

President Donald Trump (left), Jimmy Kimmel (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/The Tonight Show/Jimmy Kimmel Live)

When it comes to this manufactured border crisis, nothing you hear from the mainstream media or their cohorts in the Democratic Party is true. Truth means nothing to these political hacks, nor does it to the Hollywood crowd who parrot everything they say. One would think after President Trump signed an executive order to “keep illegal families together,” the mock outrage would die down. Well, that didn’t happen.

In fact, the rabid leftists are now displaying violent rhetoric and increased outrage. That doesn’t make sense, right? Trump gave them what they were asking for. Wrong, Trump exposed that this was never about “babies being pulled out of their mother’s arms at the border,” this is about open borders. Their goal is a borderless country.

Enter Jimmy Kimmel, who is just a useful idiot for his good buddy, Senator Chuck Schumer. Kimmel made a fool of himself last night. Lifezette reports, “Kimmel found a way to criticize the president over his executive order to end family separation among illegal immigrants.”

Kimmel ranted, “Thank you [Trump] for your courage. For those keeping score, Trump signed an order reversing a policy that yesterday he said he couldn’t reverse, it was unreversible. Somehow today he managed to reverse the unreversible, which is remarkable, and unremarkable, at the same time. Now, thanks to this new order, instead of being separated, families from other countries will be locked up together. Hopefully starting with his.”

Trump was right when he said he couldn’t really reverse the child separation issue at the border. There are laws on the books, passed by the Democrats under Barack Obama and George W. Bush, which created this situation. So, Kimmel looks like a fool to those who understand the Constitution. We do not live in a dictatorship, so Trump’s executive order will be challenged in court. Only Congress can act to change laws. It’s basic civics, but Kimmel is just repeating what his Democratic masters told him.

Trump slapped Kimmel and all the Democrats with the truth during his speech in Minnesota. Trump just says it like it is. “So, the Democrats want open borders. Let everybody come in. Let everybody pour in, we don’t care. Let them come in from the Middle East, let them come in from all over the place. We don’t care. Well, we’re not going to let that happen,” said the president.

He went on, “And by the way, today I signed an executive order. We’re going to keep families together but the border is going to be just as tough, as it’s has been. Democrats don’t care about the impact on uncontrolled migration on your communities, your schools, your hospitals, jobs or your safety. Democrats put illegal aliens before American citizens. What the hell is going on?”

That launched the packed crowd to start chanting, “Build the wall! Build the wall!” It’s very important to understand the games being played in the swamp over this so-called border crisis. This is nothing new. Back in 2015, NPR blasted Barack Obama over the same thing in an article titled, “Obama Immigrant Detention Policies Under Fire.”

The illegal immigration issue is big business, and the Democrats and the GOP elites or Republicans in name only (RINO’s) have the same agenda. Paul Ryan is a huge proponent of amnesty for illegals. In fact, yesterday Rep. Mark Meadows got up in Ryan’s face in the floor of the Congress, blasting him for not supporting the president’s approved immigration plan which provides funding for the wall, the end to chain migration, the end to the lotto system, and fixing the DACA issue.

Fox News reports, “[T]he GOP leadership [Ryan] handed lawmakers some talking points about the compromise bill. However, Meadows claimed the ‘talking points don’t match the text’ and ‘are not ready for prime time.”‘ Yeah, Ryan was doing the ole switcheroo on the conservative wing of the GOP, trying to screw them and the president.

“This was a communication issue where the leadership compromise bill omitted key provisions that had been agreed upon beforehand,” Meadows spokesman Ben Williamson said in a statement. “We are working to resolve it.”

Paul Ryan is leaving Congress and promised he would pass an immigration bill before he left. Rep. Meadows is trying as hard as he can to make sure the American people who elected Trump aren’t let down, just like what happened with the omnibus spending bill.

This showdown will only continue to heat up with the Democrats and RINO’s aligned working against the American people and with the GOP Freedom Caucus and the president resisting their demands for amnesty, and little to no funding for the wall. It’s time these traitors were exposed, and all patriotic Americans should call out the liars and schemers who are determined to make America a borderless nation.

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