‘Kneeling’ NFL Players Shamed After Robin Williams Comes Back From The Grave To Haunt Them

National Football League players are still kneeling, but they recently got a rude awakening as Robin Williams came back from the grave to haunt them. Although most celebrities are hardcore leftists, who support the rogue NFL players, a little-known video along with surprising facts of the comedian’s life have surfaced, and it’s so surreal, it’s like he is still here. You will love how those NFL players are put to shame as Williams haunts them, right now.

Colin Kaepernick & teammate “take a knee” during the National Anthem (left), Robin Williams performing as “the American flag” (right). (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screengrab, YouTube/Screengrab)

Robin Williams was definitely part of the Hollywood crowd, except he was an unabashed patriot who made no excuses for his love of America. Williams did several USO tours, along with supporting the troops “behind the scenes.” He loved the American flag and did a whole monologue called “I love liberty.”

The USO credits Williams as one of the first celebrities to go on tour overseas to entertain our troops during the Iraqi War, a long tradition that dates back to World War II, but after years of peace, when America was back at war, it was Williams who paved the way.

“‘Williams made trips to the war zones dating back to 2002 when he was among the first group of entertainers to travel to Afghanistan and the southwest Asia region with the United Service Organizations,’ said Gayle Fishel, a spokeswoman for the USO. It has long supported the troops by organizing visits for those deployed, and Williams helped usher in a new generation for that,” reported The Washington Post.

One of Williams’ best-known roles was an Armed Forces DJ in 1987’s “Good Morning Vietnam,” but his commitment to the military could have also stemmed from a personal connection. His father, Robert Fitzgerald Williams, served aboard an aircraft carrier in World War II.

After the NFL players started protesting by “taking a knee,” video of Williams’ skit as the American flag was something liberals wanted to bury. It is from 1982 when Ronald Reagan was president, and it is making a huge comeback in views as patriots remind the NFL what Williams had to say.

“I was born June 14, 1777 — that makes me a Gemini,” says Williams, dressed in blue pants and an American flag t-shirt. Then, he quips, “I’m in my birthday suit!” The Flag Act was passed just 17 months after US independence. “I’m 204 years old. People ask, ‘Flag, how you stay so young? Is it jogging?’ No! ‘Is it tennis?’ No! It’s … waving,” says Williams, as the audience applauds and laughs.

With his masterful skill for switching between voices, Williams embodies a proud, cheeky, and brave American flag. “I had a tough puberty. War, famine, invasion. And in 1861 I had a little skin problem that broke out into 34 stars. But now, well, with a little patience, look at what we’ve got now” — he pulls off a sleeve, revealing another layer of stars — “all 50! Everybody’s on here,” he says.

“I haven’t been getting out much lately. I guess it’s not chic to put up the flag anymore,” Williams playfully laments. “Don’t look at it as saluting me, look at it as saluting yourselves. I’m just a flag, a symbol. You’re the people, if I may say so from here,” he says, putting his hand to his heart. “Long may you wave.”

Williams briefly kneels, and says, “That’s not my favorite position because that’s half-mast.” There is no doubt the comedian would have been revolted by anyone kneeling during the national anthem, he says as much in the video.

The entire act is about five minutes and people who are sick and tired of the liberal idiots backing the disrespectful NFL players are using it with hashtags like #boycottNFL.

There is another little-known video which shows Williams later in life on tour with the USO in Kuwait. A bugle starts playing and military tradition and discipline collide with his act on December 6, 2007. After the performance, he was interviewed, where he said, somberly, “It is something I will never forget.”

Williams quick wit was perfect after the “bugle incident.” He launches into a hilarious take on what has just happened. Keep your eyes on Williams when, as the bugle plays, he realizes the gravity of the brief ceremony. Even though the national anthem is not being played, he quickly takes off his beanie from his head.

He is visibly moved by the moment, even though it is an everyday occurrence for our troops.

Whatever demons drove Williams to end his life, we probably will never know. He was not shy, talking about his struggles with fame, which brought the dark life of money, drugs, and endless partying. He was truly a unique actor, who had a range we rarely see today. He could be funny, as everyone knows, but he also was a fine dramatic actor.

Our country truly lost a treasure when he died. Now, social media is blowing up, sharing these videos, tweeting them to NFL players, coaches, and the commissioner, as Williams haunts them. He comes back from the grave to school them all on patriotism, honor, and duty. We thank God for the little time we had with the talented patriot, as we pray that he rests in peace. Gone but not forgotten.

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