‘On My Knees’: Bette Attacks Melania With Poem On Trump’s Genitals, Gets Smackdown

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Bette Midler has decided to launch a sick attack at First Lady Melania Trump. The 73-year-old actress composed a “poem” meant to be something Melania would say about the president’s penis. The poem is so demeaning and disgraceful it backfired on Midler, and the joke is now on her. You’ll love this.

Bette Midler, President Donald Trump, and First Lady Melania Trump (Photo Credit: Alan Light, Flickr)

Bette Midler composed a “crude and lewd” poem making fun of Melania’s accent and attacking President Donald Trump penis. Midler is one of the vilest haters of the Trump administration, and this stunt proves her mind is corrupt and is in the gutter.

A poem from Melania:

Each day I’m filled with the hope
That #Donald won’t be such a Dope
So I get on my knees
And say vip it out plise
As I reach for my new microscope.

Bette Midler has attacked Melania Trump in other vile rants since President Trump took office.

In November of last year, for instance, Midler called Melania the “FLOTITS” in response to one of Melania’s old modeling photo shoots. Midler also ended up experiencing a backlash for body-shaming Melania on Twitter.

Midler, who claims to be a feminist, also recently had to apologize for claiming that the word “woman” is somehow like the “N-Word” for the world.

In another poem, Midler fantasized about President Trump and his family being hung “good and high.”

“Trump Trump Trump Bob Mueller’s marching, Trump Trump Trump And here is why Trump Trump Trump He’s gonna hang you Hang the fam’ly GOOD AND HIGH!” Bette Midler said.

Bette Midler later deleted that tweet, but that didn’t stop the outrage by Americans over this latest post. The joke is now on Bette. 

“Each day I’m filled with hope— That ‘Blackground’ Bette won’t be such a dope— She’s jealous AF— Could use a nip and a tuck— She’s unable to cope— ‘Cause she has a face like a cantaloupe,” tweeted Teagan Reilly.

“Ode to Bette  ‘I wish I may I wish I was bright, but I’m not and as a result, it took me three weeks to get this poem right’ When I was young, I stuck to my guns and knew what I was good at, but politics came, and, I became dumb. So now I’m old, nasty, ugly and Bummed!” tweeted Michael Mores.

“So now you’ve been reduced to slut-shaming a woman you’ve never met because you disagree with her husband for being a Republican? Girl power,” tweeted Ken Webster Jr.

“Bette Middle: As I waddle out from the buffet I saddle up to another food tray Wishing for past things I’m the excrement from beneath your wings…” tweeted “Rob Trucking Dog.”

Just last month Midler suggested that Trump had paid off black people to create a more racially diverse background image, or as she put it, a “blackground” for his rallies.

“Look, there are African American men in this shot! How much did he pay them to be ‘blackground’?” she said, offering no evidence for her claim. Midler deleted the tweet after she was blasted by Americans but we have a screenshot:

Her remarks, which received over 30,000 comments compared to just 4,500 likes, were quickly denounced as “racist” over the idea that black people can’t think for themselves and support the president without being paid to do so.

“You racist POS. So you are saying Black folks are stupid and desperate,” wrote former police officer and activist Brandon Tatum. “We cannot have a diversity of thought like white people? We better get our black a** back in line like you racist white Democrats believe we should be? I’ve been to WH 3x & 2 rallies VIP, never got a dime.”

Poor Bette Midler has been losing the war on social media, and instead of just going away quietly, the “Hocus Pocus” star decided to get as trashy and as disgusting as only these Hollywood leftists can get.

She has zero respect for the Office of the President, nor is she a true feminist attacking Melania Trump. Leftists all have one thing in common: they stand for nothing. The minute they feel they are losing, immediately we see their true colors. Midler can’t fight fair, so she goes so low that Americans will now remember her as the trashy aging actress who resorted to making crude sexual remarks — symptoms of her worsening Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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