Knife-Carrying Migrant Threatens Woman, Regrets It When He Sees What She’s ‘Wielding’

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When an armed migrant spotted a woman walking alone in a park, he expected she’d be easy prey. However, as soon as he threatened her with his knife, he was horrified to discover that she wasn’t as defenseless as he thought.

Knife-Carrying Migrant Threatens Woman, Regrets It When He Sees What She's 'Wielding'
While threatening to stab a woman, a migrant attacker realized that his victim wasn’t quite as helpless as he initially believed. (Photo Credit: Senior Airman Jesse Lopez/DVIDS, Screenshot via YouTube)

After opening its borders, the West is reaping the harvest of the refugee crisis at the expense of its own culture and heritage. Mass migration from mostly Muslim countries has introduced Europe to Islamic acid attacks, child grooming gangs, female genital mutilation, terrorist attacks, and a rape epidemic, the likes of which the West has never before seen.

For the sake of multiculturalism, Europe is sacrificing its exceptional values and freedoms due to the foolish belief that tolerance will convince these oppressors to abandon centuries of oppressive and violent ideological practices. Much to their surprise, their benevolence is abused as an opportunity to perpetuate the same barbarism afflicting dozens of Islamic nations around the world.

Under the rule of far-left Chancellor Angela Merkel, Germany has given rise to a disproportionately violent minority. Now, Sharia no-go zones stain the country and women forego leaving their homes at night for fear of being attacked. However, one migrant’s sinister plans were surprisingly disrupted when the woman he intended to attack turned the tables.

A migrant attacker recently became the victim when he pulled a knife on a German woman walking alone in a park in Lower Saxony, believing her to be completely defenseless. The man reportedly tackled the woman to the ground as he held the knife to her. However, the armed migrant realized that he had picked the wrong victim when her loyal canine leaped out of a nearby bush and attacked the migrant, repeatedly biting him in a heroic effort to protect his owner.

According to German outlet Radiovest, the migrant apparently hadn’t seen that the woman was walking the dog through the park, as the canine had disappeared into the brush just before the attack. Believing that she was alone, the migrant dismounted his bicycle, brandished his knife, and grabbed his unsuspecting victim. It was then that the woman’s dog returned from the bushes and launched a vicious attack on the migrant perpetrator, injuring him and prompting him to flee on his bike in the direction of Hülsberg.

Although he managed to escape, the migrant is believed to have suffered injuries from the dog. Police are currently pursuing the suspect and have released purposely vague details surrounding his identity, in accordance with Germany’s politically-correct regulations.

The suspect has been described as being a man in his mid-20s with dark (brownish) skin color, between 5’9″ and 6″, normal build, speaking “broken English,” and wearing a polo shirt with tan Bermuda shorts. He also rode a black mountain bike, upon which he fled. Authorities did not reveal where on his body he may have sustained injuries.

As Germany continues to welcome in migrants, most of whom are Muslim, crime continues to skyrocket. U.S. President Donald Trump has repeatedly referenced Germany and other European countries as harbingers of the devastating effects of open borders.

“The people of Germany are turning against their leadership as migration is rocking the already tenuous Berlin coalition. Crime in Germany is way up. Big mistake made all over Europe in allowing millions of people in who have so strongly and violently changed their culture!” Trump tweeted last month.

Although Trump was derided for his comment, his allegation is correct. Disturbingly, more than half of those charged with violent crimes last year in Germany are individuals with foreign backgrounds.

Concerning violent crimes, the 2017 government crime report found that the police charged 69,163 foreigners for such crimes compared to 112,346 Germans. In 2016, the report showed a ratio of 67,869 non-German, compared to 110,494 for German suspects.

According to The Telegraph, the crime rate among migrants alone in Germany rose 52.7 percent in 2016 at the peak of the refugee crisis. The report confirms that asylum seekers are committing a disproportionate amount of crime, despite what the left suggests.

“This is not something to gloss over,” Thomas de Maiziere, the interior minister, said as he presented the figures. “Those who commit serious offences here forfeit their right to stay here.”

Crimes by migrants had “increased disproportionately” even when the huge influx into Germany under Angela Merkel’s “open-door” refugee policy was taken into account, he said.

“The proportion of foreign suspects, and migrants in particular, is higher than the average for the general population.”

In Lower Saxony, the same region in which the aforementioned attack took place, statistics show that 92.1 percent of the recent rise in violent crime was committed by young male migrants. The research results come as no surprise, as the majority of migrants arriving in Europe are single males aged 14 to 30, the BBC reports.

Germany has forgotten its history of suffering under the Ottoman Empire during the Muslim Conquests and is falling to the same Islamic barbarity it once escaped. The difference this time is that they are welcoming in their conqueror and giving them benefits and a protected status. The German people must once again expel the enemies of their values and culture or suffer the same fate as before.

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