North Korean Defector Drops New Bombshell On Desperate, Chunky Kim Jong-Un

North Korean Defector Drops New Bombshell On Desperate, Chunky Kim Jong-Un
Pictured: Hyeonseo Lee (left), Kim Jong-un (right)

Hyeonseo Lee was only 7 years old when she witnessed her first execution in North Korea. After escaping the communist country, she risked her life to get her family out. Now, she is revealing the alarming truth about Kim Jong-un in a world that is now led by President Donald Trump.

Lee was able to escape North Korea at the age of 17 when she trekked across the Yalu River into China. As Daily Star reports, she lived with relatives in China before officially defecting to South Korea. She later risked her life to return to the North to rescue her brother and mother.

Lee says that her former compatriots in North Korea have been brain-washed into believing that Kim commands the most powerful military force on Earth. “Kim wanted the world to see they have more powerful bombs and rockets than ever before and he wanted to (show) America they have, they’re ready to fight them,” she said, according to the Sun. “There’s a slogan in North Korea which goes: ‘America dies, we die, we all die together.’”

Lee believes that, if cornered with no options, Kim Jong-un would launch missiles at South Korea, Japan, and America. Speaking of the controversial North Korean nuclear arsenal, she said, “At the very last minute, when he finds out that he’s going to lose all his power, he’s definitely going to use it.”

Lee confirms that the latest weapons mentioned in the recent, highly-publicized North Korean test are new and that the average North Korean citizen has no idea how powerful the United States is.

It was my pleasure to hear US Under Secretary of State #TonyBlinken speak about #NorthKorea and #sanctions.

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Lee has first-hand knowledge of the brutality of the North Korean government, as school children have been forced to witness public executions for years. She says that, under Kim Jong-un, things have gotten worse.

“Now they shoot people dead, just like that, in the middle of the day. He’s murdered horribly to show the people: ‘Don’t treat me like a young kid,’” she explained. “I hope he dies soon,” she added, speaking of Kim. “I want for him to get killed.”

If defectors like Hyeonseo Lee are correct, Kim Jong-un is just as unstable, and definitely more desperate, than his father was. He faces a resolute adversary in President Donald Trump, who has sent a number of warning messages to the brutal dictator. Kim Jong-un is in a corner. Time will tell if he is only posturing to gain attention and a humanitarian deal, or if he intends to go down swinging in a nuclear standoff.

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