Lady Gaga Spits On Patriots With Camo & Beer Drinking Biden Ad – Doesn’t End Well

Lady Gaga spat on flyover country patriots and all supporters of President Donald Trump with a new Biden campaign ad. Donning camouflage in front of a big pickup truck, Gaga cracks open a can of beer. “Hey, I’m Lady Gaga, I’m voting for America — meaning I’m voting for Joe Biden,” Gaga said in the ad. Well, this stunt didn’t end well for the leftist celebrity as patriots stepped in. You’ll love this.

Trump supporter, Lady Gaga (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, Twitter/Screenshot)

Lady Gaga has launched an effort to win votes in the swing states by dressing in camouflage and crushing a beer can.

On Saturday, she announced that she would be riding into an unnamed swing state to drum up votes for Joe Biden:

[Opens beer can]

Hey. This is Lady Gaga. I’m voting for America, which means I’m voting for Joe … Biden. And if you live in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Florida, or Arizona, I encourage you to vote. And if you have a friend that lives there, tell them to vote.

I’m gonna be in one of these states tomorrow. Guess which one I’ll be in? Hint: I used to live there.

[Sips, crushes beer can]

Cheers. The 2020 election.

Talk about totally cringe-worthy. Lady Gaga had no idea this ad is utterly patronizing by making a mockery of flyover country patriots.

The pop star, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, once lived in the town of Lancaster, Pennsylvania with her then-fiancé.

In September, Lady Gaga told an interviewer: “When you’re born in this country, we all drink the poison that is white supremacy.”

In another video message released on Twitter last week, she told Americans to vote if they “want the country to be different than it is.”

She added: “If you want to change this system, if you want this country to be different than it is right now, you have got to participate in this election.”

Americans blasted Gaga badly on social media. 

“She’s wearing camouflage next to a big truck drinking beer in a sad attempt to relate with conservatives to steer their votes blue. This just shows how disconnected Hollywood is from conservative culture. This comes off fake and patronizing,” tweeted Millie Weaver.

“You create cultural cow manure,” tweeted Mark Dice.

“This is what a Trump rally looks like. Tons of honest hard-working people. You should probably go to one- you might learn something,” tweeted Robert Stewart.

“Mexican here and a US Marine Veteran and im voting @realDonaldTrump- My family and I didn’t flee that shithole country to vote for the same socialist bullshit we fled. A vote for Biden is a vote to destroy America… #trump2020,” tweeted “Veteran for Trump.”

“Stunts like this, are exactly why Trump is going to win. Average, hardworking Americans are sick of ‘celebrities’ mocking them for what they wear, drive, eat, drink, and where they choose to work or live,” tweeted “Lexico.”

“Pretty sure this isn’t sending the message you think it is … lol,” tweeted Twitter user “The Foo.”

“no no.. you’re not voting for America if you’re voting for Joe.. you’re voting for racism and corruption. Also, do you think this is what people in these states look and act like? OUT OF TOUCH Gaga!!!” tweeted Joe Pagliarulo.

“I know you’re more intelligent than to believe this will be an effective way to reach rural voters. The only other explanation is that you’re mocking them – which is gonna backfire; bigly,” tweeted Mike Magouirk.

The Biden campaign is doing a repeat of 2016 by turning to celebrities like Lady Gaga.

In fact, the Biden-Harris ticket is counting on the combined star power of Lady Gaga and John Legend to help conclude the campaign on a high note and perhaps secure Pennsylvania’s hotly contested 20 electoral votes.

The two pop stars are set to perform at separate Biden campaign events in Pennsylvania on Monday evening. Lady Gaga is expected to take the stage with Joe Biden in Pittsburgh, where the Democratic nominee will address a drive-in crowd, according to multiple reports.

This brings to mind Hillary Clinton’s last campaign stop which happened the last day before the 2016 election. Hillary got Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, and the Obamas to headline her Philadelphia rally on November 7, 2016.

Now, four years later, Joe Biden’s handlers are hoping Lady Gaga will do something Springsteen and the others could not: Win Pennslyvania for Biden.

Do these Democrats never learn? If Hollywood star power was the missing link to win the White House, then Hillary would be there. Lady Gaga won’t make a bit of difference to patriots across the country. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and thinking you’ll get a different result. That sums up the Democrat game plan and is why they will not prevail on Election Night.

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