Lady Gaga Super Bowl Halftime Show To BASH Trump, This Will Piss You Off

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Lady Gaga (left) wears an anti-Trump t-shirt on her way to Super Bowl rehearsal; Donald Trump (right)

The Super Bowl is coming up, and this year, the halftime show will be starring Lady Gaga. Hoping to keep politics out after Beyonce’s tragic performance last year, reporters are asking if the National Football League will be stepping in to curb any anti-Trump speech or performance. However, Lady Gaga was given the green light to bash Donald Trump, and when you see what is in store, it will piss you off.

It was claimed by Entertainment Tonight that the singer, who was a staunch supporter of Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton, had been instructed to keep her mouth shut about the election and incoming president Donald Trump. However, the NFL called the story ‘unsourced nonsense’ on Tuesday, TMZ reported. So, the floodgates are open, and Lady Gaga will be making sure the halftime show lives up to Beyonce’s, except this year, instead of the police, Gaga will focus on bashing Trump.

Right after the news came down that she could do whatever she wanted and say whatever she wanted during the halftime show, Lady Gaga was caught choosing to wear an anti-Trump t-shirt. So much for keeping politics out of the Super Bowl.

Lady Gaga (left) protests outside Trump Tower day after the election, Lady Gaga (middle) performs, Lady Gaga & Hillary Clinton (right)

A huge Hillary Clinton supporter, Gaga joined the other idiots who cried and lamented in public after Trump won. She took it a step further by showing up at the Trump Tower and protesting his win. US Magazine reports:

[A] vocal supporter of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s bid for the Oval Office — took to Trump’s landmark building in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, November 9, to let spectators know that she still stands with the former secretary of state. Clad in a black pantsuit with an American flag tied to her waist, Gaga stood outside Trump Tower holding a sign that read, “Love trumps hate.”

It looked like Lady Gaga had not slept election night before she showed up at Trump Tower. Many will recall, earlier in the night, the pop superstar attended Clinton’s election rally at NYC’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.

This is bad news for football fans who will have to endure another ridiculous political statement from an entertainer this coming Super Bowl. I’m hoping the NFL or someone will figure out that the election is over and most Americans are totally fed up with these political statements by players and entertainers. It’s time for the country to come together, and those that continue to be sore losers should recuse themselves from being in the limelight. Here’s hoping, if Lady Gaga starts any shenanigans, those at the Super Bowl will boo her ass off stage.

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