Las Vegas Employee Leaks Shooter’s Alleged Room Receipt, Viewers Spot 2 Strange Items

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As Americans still search for answers pertaining to the horrors that most recently unfolded in Las Vegas, Nevada, it seems that only more questions arise. In fact, a few days after the shooting, a photo of the shooter’s alleged hotel receipt was most recently leaked by a Mandalay Bay employee – and viewers quickly spotted something rather alarming that changes everything you may have heard.

Days After Shooting, LV Shooter’s Room Receipt Leaks As Employee Spots Something Strange
Stephen Paddock (left), Mandalay Bay Hotel (center), Receipt allegedly belonging to the shooter (right) (Photo Credit: Facebook via New York Daily News, Kris1123/Wikimedia Commons, Facebook via Infowars)

Even though we hardly know any facts pertaining to the motive of the shooter, a recent turn of events shows exactly how little we know about the events surrounding the massacre after what was just leaked to the public. According to Drudge Report, a photo of an alleged room receipt belonging to Stephen Paddock has hit social media after an employee shared it with the world – and it’s warranted quite a few questions after viewers noticed that two things contradicted what we’ve been told.

Roughly translated, the caption with the pictures posted of the receipt says, “To think that I spoke with the assassin at Mandalay Bay, I was a few minutes alone [in the room] with him! Makes me nervous knowing I was his waiter in the same suite where he was shooting … you never know who you’re dealing with in this job.” However, that’s far from the most shocking part of the post.

Days After Shooting, LV Shooter’s Room Receipt Leaks As Employee Spots Something Strange
Photo allegedly showing room service receipt belonging to Stephen Paddock (Photo Credit: Facebook via Infowars)

As can be seen in the image of the receipt, Stephen Paddock’s name does appear at the bottom, but that’s not all. The room number is also listed as 32135 — the exact room that the madman reigned gunfire down onto helpless Americans below. However, that’s where things take a bizarre turn with this receipt, which does appear to belong to the alleged assassin.

What’s catching everyone’s attention is something rather strange. As it turns out, the receipt shows that there may have been another person in the room during Paddock’s stay. The top of the receipt reads, “Guests: 2.” But, there’s more.

Paddock ordered a burger, a bagel with cream cheese, a potato soup, one bottle of water and two Pepsis, suggesting that there was another person eating with him in the room. The receipt shows the number “2” next to the word “Guests”. [Source: Infowars]

Not only does the receipt say there were two guests, it seems enough food was also ordered for two people. For one, take a look at the drinks. Paddock order two bottles of Pepsis and a Pellegrino water. In addition, a burger and a bagel with soup seem to be an odd combination for just one person. Many people suggest that this would be what two people would order – the burger for one and the bagel with the soup for the other. Whether or not that is, in fact, the case will surely come out later – but that’s not all that’s off with this receipt, allegedly belonging to Paddock.

Of course, this has many people once again asking whether Paddock acted alone or if there were others in the room and, if so, why police haven’t released this information yet. However, things get even stranger the further down the rabbit hole we go. Come to find out, the date on the receipt says September 27, but police have stated that Paddock didn’t check in until the September 28. In addition, at least one other employee from the hotel has come forward to say that the shooter checked in on the 25th rather than the 28th. Why would police lie about the day Paddock arrived at the hotel?

As of right now, there’s no way to confirm whether this is truly Stephen Paddock’s receipt, other than the fact his name and room number do appear on it, but it certainly does warrant some further questions. After such a senseless tragedy, it’s only natural for the American people to try to fill in the blanks, specifically when trying to figure out why someone would do something so evil so we can hopefully stop it from ever occurring again. At this point, the American people – especially the victims and their families – deserve answers.