New Evidence On Las Vegas Shooter Emerges, Shocking Ties To The Obamas

After America’s largest mass shooting in modern American history unfolded in Las Vegas, authorities continue to give us little information regarding motives, the shooter, or the investigation. However, one new piece of evidence has emerged that has shocked everyone, especially our former first family, and it is hitting them way closer to home than they expected.

Shocking evidence has surfaced indicating Malia Obama (left), while at Lollapalooza (center), may have been a previous target for Stephen Paddock (right) (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube, Lollapalooza/TMZ, Screengrab/WFTV)

Shocking new evidence has come to light regarding the Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock regarding his possible intentions behind the massacre. Reports are now suggesting that he was initially trying to attempt the killing spree the weekend before Route 91 Music Festival and carry it out during the previous weekend’s Life Is Beautiful Festival. What got in his way was room availability.

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Paddock attempted to book rooms at the Ogden, a luxury condo tower that overlooked the Life Is Beautiful open-air festival held in Las Vegas from September 22-24. He requested specific suites at the Ogden and another unidentified hotel but moved on when he discovered they were booked, Daily Mail reported. Now, new evidence has surfaced, possibly pointing to a different plan and motive, and it has some government officials rightfully concerned.

Stephen Paddock may have been planning to strike two months earlier at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago, at the same festival Malia Obama was attending. Paddock, who slaughtered 59 people and injured over 500 more, had allegedly booked two hotel rooms overlooking the Lollapalooza festival area in August, and as most everyone knows, among the 400,000 attendees was former President Barack Obama’s oldest daughter Malia Obama.

Paddock had booked two rooms at the Blackstone Hotel in Chicago, across the street from Grant Park where Lollapalooza has been held since 2005, TMZ reports. Both rooms overlooked the festival area, and Paddock would have had a similar view of the crowd as the one he had in Las Vegas during the Route 91 Harvest country music festival on Sunday. Lollapalooza was held from August 3 to 6 this year, and Paddock’s two rooms were booked from August 1st thru the 6th.

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TMZ added that the hotel directly overlooked the main stage as well as several adjoining stages. It also overlooks the main entrance and exit, giving the hotel a bird’s eye view of the crowd. We’re told Paddock specifically requested both rooms be a “view room,” which faces Grant Park, where the concert was being held. But, here’s the scariest part: it’s difficult if not impossible to flee the area because of Lake Michigan.

Although booking confirmation shows Stephen Paddock reserved his two rooms at the Blackstone Hotel, for reasons unknown, he never showed up. The fact still remains, while Malia Obama was showing us all her wild side at the festival, it could have easily been her that Paddock attacked had he arrived at the rooms he booked.

Malia was seen partying hard in videos that went viral, while Obama paid little attention to his wild angel, but that would not have been the case if Paddock had followed through with what appears to be a sinister Lollapalooza plan. The event would have entirely different media attention had Paddock chosen to enact his massacre then, but we will possibly never know why he chose not to carry it out.

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Although we will most likely never get a definite answer as to why Paddock did not choose Lollapalooza as he may have originally planned, we can guarantee Barack and Michelle are relieved — which will lead many internet sleuths and conspiracy theorists alike to question if that’s not the reason Paddock changed his mind. Was he tipped off that Malia Obama could be caught up in the onslaught if he carried out his attack, causing him to abandon his plans? Unless investigators uncover a hidden manifesto or manuscript with all Paddock’s thoughts, we may never know.