Laura Bush Just Dropped A Truth Bomb On Liberal Media & Did The INCREDIBLE For Melania

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During an interview on CNN, Former First Lady Laura Bush was promoting her recent advocacy work for the U.S.-Afghan Women’s Council when she threw a curveball back to the interviewer. In fact, she left many people shocked when she dropped a truth bomb about Melania Trump on air and told the liberal mainstream media how she really feels about our current First Lady.

Laura Bush Just Went Against the Liberal Media and Did The Unimaginable For Melania
Former First Lady Laura Bush (left), First Lady Melania Trump (right) (Photo Credit: Screengrab/CNN, Voice of America via Wikimedia Commons)

Shortly after former First Lady Laura Bush and current First Lady Melania Trump met for tea in the White House, Laura participated in an interview with CNN. Although the purpose of the interview was to promote her advocacy work for the U.S.-Afghan Women’s Council, the conversation turned to her meeting with Melania as the leftist outlet was undoubtedly trying to dig up any dirt they could on the Trump family. However, she quickly sent a curveball to the interviewer when she went against liberal media to do something incredible for Melania.

“I just think she’s doing a lovely job,” Bush told CNN during a visit to the Afghan Embassy in Washington, D.C., according to Newsmax. “She’s a beautiful woman. She’s a wonderful representative for the United States.”

Despite any political differences that they may have and the media’s blatant disrespect for President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, Laura Bush was kind and praised our current First Lady, instead of launching into an unnecessary and unwarranted attack, which is likely what CNN had hoped for her to do.

“I’ve talked to Melania; I’ve been back; I had tea with her,” Bush added. “I saw all the staff, she very nicely had all the White House staff standing around the oval of the Diplomatic Reception Room because the people that work there, that’s their job always. They’re permanent employees.”

Laura Bush also admitted that she understands how exhausting it can be to live in the White House under the constant eye of the public. “I wish them the very, very best,” she continued. “I know what it’s like to live there. I know how difficult every decision is, what the scrutiny is by everyone that has an opinion. Every single person has an opinion on the people who live there, and I’m certainly aware of that.”

In conclusion, Laura Bush seemed to send a message directly to the liberal masses, saying, “I wish them the very best. That’s what every American should wish for the people in the White House since they are our president and first family.”

There is one thing that every First Lady has in common, and that’s the fact that they didn’t choose to be in their position. In supporting their husband’s desires to become President of the United States, they were then thrust into being the First Lady when their spouse’s presidential aspirations came to fruition.

For most, it’s not easy being thrown into the spotlight. In fact, it’s downright uncomfortable to go from a behind-the-scenes supportive wife to a public figure who’s highly scrutinized.

Thankfully, Laura Bush understands this and showed Melania Trump genuine compassion and kindness. Beyond that, she showed the nation how we should all be feeling about the President, whether we voted for Donald Trump or not. Laura Bush didn’t take the bait and criticize the Trump family. Instead, she wished them the very best because she understands that their success as the President and First Lady is America’s success. It’s really as simple as that.