Lawmakers Take Drastic Action On Global Warming, First Step In Larger Agenda

The Democrat Party is once again stripping us of our rights, as lawmakers are making it a criminal offense to speak against climate change. As shocking as it sounds, it’s happening in what’s suppose to be the land of free speech. This marks the end of our Republic, if it’s not stopped right away. This is the first step in a much bigger goal, and their ultimate agenda should frighten freedom-loving Americans.

Allen B. West quote on criminalizing dissent against climate change.

It all began on January 8th, at a secret meeting held by the leftist Rockefeller Family Fund, who are pushing the globalist Agenda 21. These scumbags are trying to fly under the radar, and spearheading the group are Democrat Attorney Generals who make up the evil cabal going forward, starting with the Virgin Islands.

As part of the United States, the Virgin Islands is a perfect place to push this legislation through the courts, without getting a lot of press. Claude Walker, the Attorney General of the Virgin Islands, filed a racketeering lawsuit against Exxon Oil, demanding Exxon give up their communications with some 90 conservative groups.

What this means is Walker will use racketeering, defined as “a person who engages in dishonest and fraudulent business dealings.” They want us to believe that denying climate change is dishonest and fraudulent, and anyone who publicly says or even posts to social media that climate change is a hoax or global warming is not a proven science will face criminal charges.

“This is a story we need to repost and expose,” explained Allen B. West. “We need to melt down the phone lines of every Member of Congress. And we need to shut down the White House email and phone lines and let them know this legal action needs to cease and desist.”

We must be very clear at what is at stake here. The Rockefeller Family Fund is very powerful, and the Virgin Islands is just a test. Walker issued subpoenas last March and named prominent conservative think tanks, including the Cato Institute, the Federalist Society, the Hoover Institution, the Reason Foundation, and the Mercatus Institute, among other groups.

These scumbags, involved in undermining our free speech, have a goal. That goal is this globalist agenda, the United Nations Agenda 21. The Democrat Party is officially on board, and if not opposed, they will succeed in making any dissent against climate change a crime. As Allen West says, pass this on, expose these bastards, make it known we will not sit idly by and allow evil to win.

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