Lawyer Dumps Stormy After Losing Trump Case, She Hits Bottom Doing ‘Dirty Tricks’

The mainstream media couldn’t get enough of Stormy Daniels and her lawyer, Michael Avenatti. CNN and MSNBC devoted entire shows to report how Stormy and Avenatti would bring down President Donald Trump. Well, once again, the leftist media got it all wrong as a federal judge just threw out their Trump case. Now, the lawyer has dumped Stormy, and she’s hit rock bottom doing “dirty tricks.” Don’t miss this.

Stormy Daniels & Attorney Michael Avenatti outside court (left), Stormy Daniels in Memphis June 2018 (right) (Photo Credit: Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg via Getty Images, Fraser Seinfeld/Twitter)

Stormy Daniels and her attorney, Michael Avanetti, were the darlings of the mainstream media. The leftist media pinned all their hopes on Daniels and Avenatti, and for weeks they became the number one story. Even Jimmy Kimmel jumped on the bandwagon, having Stormy and Avenatti on his show numerous times.

Back in March, Sean Hannity and radio host Mark Levin discussed the “Stormy Daniels hysteria,” exposing the hypocrites over at CNN. “Let’s face it if the president’s last name was Kennedy or Clinton, there’s no way this would be in the news. Bill Clinton raped Juanita Broaderrick as Attorney General of Arkansas, Bill Clinton had sex with an intern in the Oval Office, Bill Clinton exposed himself to Paula Jones in the White House,” said Levin.

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He goes on, “John Kennedy had sex with an intern in the White House pool, he had an affair with a mob boss’ girl and an East German spy in the White House, yet the media uses Daniels as a diversion to ignore the corruption at the highest levels of the FBI.”

Well, it’s all over. Stormy and her lawyer got their ridiculous case thrown out yesterday. Wow, we sure didn’t see any reports of this by the mainstream media. No, they have moved on to the “border crisis hysteria.” This just goes to prove the leftist media moves from one fake news story to the next, just hoping if they can get the American people really riled up over nothing-burgers, Trump will have to go.

Bloomberg News reported an article titled, “Stormy Daniels Loses Effort to Restart Lawsuit Against Trump.” The report said, “Adult-film actress Stephanie Clifford will have to wait. A federal judge denied a request to resume her stalled lawsuit to get out of a 2016 nondisclosure agreement that bars her from talking about an alleged sexual encounter with Donald Trump more than a decade ago.”

Immediately, Stormy’s slimeball attorney dumps her. Yep, he’s got to move on. The sleazy lawyer is now trying to jump on the new big fake news hysteria of the “border crisis.” He’s down on the border like an ambulance chaser trying to sign up illegal aliens as clients so he can get back on CNN. It’s pathetic.

He’s no immigration attorney, but that doesn’t matter. All Avenatti cares about is getting his mug back on CNN. He really should team up with David Hogg. Within hours of his case getting squashed, Avenatti tweeted supposedly at the border, “I have witnessed a lot of drama, pain, and sadness in my legal career. And I have had many moments of doing everything in my power to hold myself together. I have never witnessed anything this upsetting. I will never forget. Toughest day of my career by far. Perhaps of my life.”

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Yeah, Avenatti’s tweet is a pile of bull crap. No one believes this huckster is some bleeding-heart Mother Teresa. Just to be clear, there are 12,000 illegal alien kids being held at nice facilities throughout the Southwest. 10,000 of those kids were unaccompanied, no parents. They crossed the border alone or with drug dealers or human traffickers. Only 2,000 illegal alien kids currently held were “separated” from their families. So where’s the crisis?

Now that Avenatti has dumped Stormy Daniels, she’s hit rock bottom. She’s performing in some shack in Illinois for $20 bucks a pop. Rush Limbaugh weighed in on Daniels latest gig and how Avenatti is remaking himself to be an immigration warrior. Rush said, “Remember, it used to be Stormy Daniels. The Drive-Bys [mainstream media] were totally devoted to a porn star. They were converting a porn star into a credible spokeswoman against Donald Trump.”

Limbaugh goes on, “By the way, do you know where her next gig is? Are you ready? It’s in East Cape Girardeau, Illinois. It’s right across the relatively brand-new bridge from Cape Girardeau to Illinois. My friends, there’s nothing there. It’s a riverbank. It used to have a couple of nightclubs run by the Chicago mob where you went over to play bingo.”

Rush adds, “I’m not surprised there’s a bunch of strip clubs there, but they can’t be any bigger than sheds on your average farm. There literally is nothing there, and that’s all Stormy Daniels can get? And where is that mouth-trap lawyer of hers, Avenatti? Which is my point? He’s been there, done that, and he’s used her up, spit her out, and moved on. See, because Avenatti’s watching what’s going on here and realizing he’s not part of the action.”

Stormy Daniels has been used up by the leftist media and by her slimy attorney and now she’s performing in dive clubs. This photo is dated June 18th, 2018. (Photo Credit: Fraser Seinfeld/Twitter)

Stormy Daniels and her ex-attorney were out to shake down President Trump, and they really thought they hit gold when CNN’s Anderson Cooper came calling for an interview. Now, Stormy’s all used up and dumped by the leftist media and Michael Avenatti.

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She’s performing in dive bars infested with sickos. Well, she played with fire and her motivation was greed. She knew exactly what she was doing, and now all her famous friends at CNN and MSNBC have abandoned her. I don’t feel sorry for Stormy Daniels at all.

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