Leakers Confirm What We All Knew the FBI Was Doing to Trump, Heads Will Roll

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Leakers have confirmed a new story about what the FBI’s been doing. We now know the agency was working against President Donald Trump all along. This revelation could mean many heads are about to roll.

New details have emerged that exposes Barack Obama’s FBI. (Photo Credit: Obama White House/Flickr, Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

The term “deep state” gets thrown around a lot these days. Many patriots are concerned that powerful people in the intelligence community are trying to undermine our country. These people are trained agents, spymasters, and professional killers. They have been used to topple government around the world and collect intel on our enemies.

But what if these people want power too much? What if they decide to use their arsenal of skills to influence our own elections? Perhaps the worst could happen, where these agencies side with one political party over another?

We know that Barack Obama was pulling a lot of strings during the 2016 election. In order to help the Democrats and Hillary Clinton, Obama used what influence he had to control the election. Despite what the media said, he knew Trump had massive support. Only recently did we discover he wrongfully acquired FISA warrants to spy on Trump’s campaign.

The end goal was to find dirt to expose Trump and destroy his campaign. It was a dirty scheme, worse than Watergate.

But now word is coming out that an even bigger scheme was going on. Under James Comey, the FBI was conducting a spy operation on the Trump campaign. The breadth of the scheme was truly staggering. It’s clear that this agency was working overtime to prevent Donald Trump from becoming President.

Leakers to the New York Times confirmed in a story published on Wednesday that the FBI had run a spy operation on the Trump campaign that involved government informants, secret subpoenas, and possible wiretaps…

“The F.B.I. obtained phone records and other documents using national security letters — a secret type of subpoena — officials said. And at least one government informant met several times with Mr. Page and Mr. Papadopoulos,” the Times reported, citing “current and former officials.”

The Times‘ story also seems to conflict with what the FBI has previously maintained — that the investigation into the Trump campaign began with information that Papadopoulos had told an Australian diplomat he knew that Russians had stolen emails that would be embarrassing for Clinton.

In fact, it was not until two days after the investigation began that the agents summarized their interview — which apparently “broke with diplomatic protocol” — and sent the summary back to Washington.

The Times’ story glosses over this discrepancy by saying the agents’ report “helped provide the foundation” for the case – instead of sparked the case – as has been claimed. [Source: Breitbart]

It’s clear there was an elaborate scheme being conducted to investigate Trump’s campaign. The FBI used informants and agents overseas. Their goal was to find something incriminating against candidate Trump, in the hopes of derailing his campaign.

Keep in mind, this is most likely illegal. Federal authorities have no right to dig around in a person’s business for no other reason than “hoping” to find dirt. Trump and his campaign broke no laws. Yet the FBI treated him and his people like criminals. They were sending spies to speak with his staff. They were intercepting communications, perhaps wiretapping their phones. Over nothing.

It was a clear abuse of power — all to steal the election for the Democrats.

Now, let’s talk about Hillary Clinton. She was being investigated by the FBI for real crimes. Yet James Comey decided to appear on TV and announce that she was not in trouble. Clinton’s illegal email server transmitted confidential government documents over an unsecured network. She literally jeopardized our national security. Yet she got no punishment.

Meanwhile, the FBI ran an extensive campaign, just to find dirt on Trump. So much for liberty and justice for all.

The Times’ story also confirms the FBI used the salacious Steele dossier in addition to “F.B.I. information” to obtain a wiretap on Page. Democrats have tried to downplay the FBI’s reliance on the document.

The story reveals the FBI — instead of alerting the Trump campaign that it might be a target of Russian influence operations — went to lengths to hide the investigation.

Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Q. Yates claimed in an interview with the Times that they did not want word of the investigation to leak and to impact the election…

Nowhere in the story, however, is there evidence of any collusion during the campaign. The story states that Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, was about to be cleared in November 2016, until he took actions after the election that the FBI wanted to examine.

The story also states: “The question they confronted still persists: Was anyone in the Trump campaign tied to Russian efforts to undermine the election?” [Source: Breitbart]

No evidence, no suggestion of collusion. Yet the FBI still ran this huge, secret investigation against Donald Trump and his campaign. And today, they still undermine our government by conducting Robert Mueller’s probe.

So after over 2 years, they’ve found nothing. They still pretend Trump was involved in something. Hillary and Obama both have their hands dirty, and nobody investigates. Clearly, if you’re a Democrat in America, you get special treatment.