VIDEO: After Leftist Protesters Destroy Patriotic Mural, Small Town Has Perfect Response

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A small town in upstate New York rallied to raise money for a mural on a local pizzeria. The patriotic mural simply depicted the American Flag in all its glory. But, just days before the mural was complete, leftist protesters showed up and destroyed it. However, the folks in this small town had the perfect response.

A simple, patriotic mural on a restaurant sparked outrage and protests from left-wing agitators. (Photo Credit: Joey Garcia/Facebook, Screenshot/Facebook)

The town of New Paltz, New York, came together recently to show support for a local pizzeria and restaurant. The popular La Bella Pizza Bistro had an old brick wall that needed some refacing. Turning to crowdfunding, local residents rallied the town to raise enough money to beautify the side of the building.

The restaurant, which was across the street from an elementary school, would have a fresh, patriotic mural. The plans were to paint an unfurled American flag, flying through a sea of blue sky. There were no political messages, nothing to offend American citizens. The fundraising was successful and the painting was underway.

It looked as if La Bella Pizza Bistro’s wall would get a much-needed facelift. But, with only days before the mural was complete, disaster struck. Anti-American protesters defaced the mural, splattering parts of the flag with graffiti.

An American flag mural in a small town in New York was vandalized after several protesters started calling for a boycott, claiming it is a symbol of hate and oppression.

The town of New Paltz rallied together a few weeks ago to help raise funds and show support for the patriotic painting proposed by La Bella Pizza Bistro owner Maria Lisante to cover a rundown brick wall on the side of her building, which is across the street from an elementary school. Just days before the mural was completed, it was defaced.

Luitenant Robert Lucchesi told Fox News that police are still actively investigating the case after the graffiti allegedly appeared Monday night. [Source: Fox News]

It seems like the protesters — who are, from all appearances, obnoxious teenagers and college students — started boycotting the restaurant because of the mural.

But, pro-flag residents hosted a rally and Flag Walk to support both the restaurant and our flag. Protesters appeared across the street. They dressed in familiar Antifa garb and carried anarchistic-style banners. Other signs had messages like “Our Nation was Born in Genocide” and other left-wing nonsense.

VIDEO ABOUT THE PROTESTERS WHO PROTESTED THE AMERICAN FLAG APPRECIATION EVENT For anyone that attended the American Flag Appreciation walk on Sunday, thank you for coming. Hundreds of us were there with a Flag in hand. Smiling, having fun. A protest group was there as well, with masks on their faces, and with signs that had profanity on them. Vulgar words painted on their bodies. Before we headed out the police asked that we stay on one side of the street and that the protest group stay on the other side of the street. As soon as we started walking, a group of protesters ran to our side of the street and went to front of our line and started yelling and causing trouble. This continued all the way down Main Street. They were yelling, cursing, pushing, and being extremely disrespectful. Don't take my word for it, watch for yourself. One group was there in peace, holding Flags. One side showed up in masks to try to wreak havoc. Spectrum News Hudson Valley YOUR REPORT WAS TERRIBLE. YOU PAINTED US AS AGGRESSORS AND THE PROTESTERS AS VICTIMS. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED AS A SO CALLED NEWS NETWORK! CALL 518-459-9999 AND LET KNOW WHAT THEY DID WAS WRONG!Share this video with everyone to set the record straight

Posted by Joey Garcia on Tuesday, October 23, 2018

It looks like the left-wing protesters will have to eat their words. After news spread that the mural was vandalized, the residents took to GoFundMe. They raised their initial goal of $8,000 to $12,000 for “paint, materials, future maintenance and display lighting to increase visibility.”

To date, they have raised over $11,000.

Although there has been pushback, Garcia said La Bella’s has received a lot of support from across the nation since the pro-flag walk…

“I felt like it was a little over-the-top that people were saying it is offensive,” McGovern said. “It’s a symbol of our country. It’s non-political and for people in a small town trying to get a small business shut down is a little outrageous. People should be supporting small business, not trying to get them shut down.” [Source: Fox News]

It looks like all the controversy sparked by protesters has only mustered more patriots to act. The hate spewed by leftists has resulted in Americans pouring out support for this small town and restaurant. Once again, liberal attacks have backfired.