Internet Gives Leftist Pundit Verbal Ass Whooping After He Calls Out Christians

A well-known leftist pundit is calling Christians “conspiracy nuts” for their beliefs and for voting based on those beliefs. Obviously this guy has issues, and he makes his case with an air of superiority, showing himself for the bigot he is. Luckily, this leftist idiot is not getting away with calling out Christians, and you’ll love how social media is leaving him with a righteous ass whooping.

MSNBC contributor Howard Fineman, who is also the global editor at Huffington Post, chimed in on Christians who back Republican candidates. Finneman, a known spin master, is your typical liberal atheist who sees anyone voting based on Christian principles as uneducated and delusional.

Finneman was recently on MSNBC covering presidential candidates. He referred to John Kasich as “Ted” Kasich, and then he went on to say that “evangelical Christians love conspiracy theories because they believe in the devil.”

Many Christians we annoyed by Finneman’s remarks, coming from leftists who are always harping on cultural and religious sensitivities. “Soopermexican,” a blogger for Right Scoop, took Finneman to task:

Wow. Great bigoted analysis there. I guess there aren’t any atheist conspiracy theorists? How about all those Islamist morons who keep blaming an American and Jewish conspiracy on all bad things in the world? This idiot would never make such broad generalizations of any other religious group, but he’s more than happy to smear Christians on that cesspool of liberal idiocy, MSNBC. [via the Right Scoop]

It’s important to call out these leftist nuts when they try to make Christians look stupid. Seventy percent of US citizens still identify as Christians. Are these leftist so scared of Christianity’s belief in the devil or is it that we see them as the evil in the world? We definitely know of the evil in Washington, DC, and if Christians have any say, that devil will be moving out on January 20, 2017.

[h/t NewsBusters]

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