After Leftist Thug Rushed Trump On Stage, He Tweeted Message To All Americans

The leftist thug who rushed Donald Trump’s stage in Ohio, later identified as known agitator Thomas Dimassimo, has been let out of jail. Dimassimo has since taken to Twitter with a message for all Americans.

This guy is beyond sick, actually thinking God has mandated his violent behavior. Unfortunately, even after his arrest, Dimassimo has no intention of stopping his quest to take out Trump.

In case you missed it, here is Dimassimo rushing Trump’s stage, as well as a tweet where he stated his plan to attack at the Trump rally and asked for “thoughts and prayers.”

After Dimassimo was released from jail, he got right back to sending out tweets, letting all Americans know God is on his side, guiding him to do all his protesting. Then, he lets Donald Trump know how he feels after getting out of jail.

For the record, the Bible verse this thug quotes, James 2:24, reads, “You see that a man is justified by works, and not by faith alone,” telling all of us his work, rushing the Trump stage, makes him justified before the Lord. 

This guy is a piece of work, an avid Black Lives Matter member, caught desecrating the American flag back in 2015. He thinks he is an Italian mafioso member. He quotes the Bible and, in the next beat, is using profanity. This idiot is an example of the new left, a part of the millennial generation who are on college campuses but not going to class and are instead protesting everything American.

God help us. This is the next generation coming up, the Bernie Sander supporters, who want to elect a socialist as president. They are attention seeking whiners, pampered, and overfed with little to do. They don’t know hard work and have no respect. They take for granted their freedom — or rather, they try to sell it for whatever freebies their political party will offer.

God save us from this sick spirit which has swept our college campuses, brainwashing these empty-headed kids into thinking some old crazy white socialist named Bernie is the answer. Why is it these leftist who want socialism and communism don’t move to a real commie place like Cuba or North Korea? Because deep down, they must know it really sucks.

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