Leftists Freak Over Cash In Trump’s Back Pocket, POTUS Makes Them Regret It

President Donald Trump was caught leaving Moffett Field in California on Tuesday when the mainstream media saw something in his back pocket, and now it’s going viral. Leftists started trashing Trump and making wild accusations, and that’s when the president made them really regret it. You’ll love this.

President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, The Hill/Screenshot)

President Donald Trump carries cash when he travels. That’s right, the lamestream media caught him with a $20 dollar bill in his back pocket. But due to all the attention it is receiving by leftists on social media, you’d think the president was caught sneaking Russian President Vladimir Putin onto Air Force One.

The picture was captured by Reuter’s photographer Tom Brenner as Trump departed the West Coast on his way back to Washington D.C. on Tuesday. The Trump-hating Washington Post blasted the headline: “Trump offers an explanation for the wad of cash seen in his back pocket.”

Then, the left-leaning HuffPo tried to stir up trouble with a piece titled: “Why Does Trump Have $20 In His Back Pocket? Twitter Users Have Suggestions.”

The haters who were commenting about the HuffPo article offered their twisted take. “He sold another piece of democracy,” said Twitter user “Atech253.” Or this idiotic comment which proves us right: “I guess Russia paid him early this month,” Chuck Kimmerle stated.

“This picture is a perfect metaphor for his presidency,” said “Scuba Scottie.” Then there was this zinger: “He probably went for lunch somewhere and picked up the tips that his group left for the meal!” Don Klyne declared.

Well, these Trump-haters were in for a rude awakening when President Trump explained the loose cash in his back pocket.

On the Air Force One flight back to Washington, DC, from California, reporters on the plane asked him about his cash-carrying habit.

“I don’t carry a wallet because I haven’t had to use a credit card in a long time,” Trump replied, holding up a wad of cash out of his pocket for reporters to see.

He said that he carried cash so that he could still give out tips as he traveled.

“I like to carry a little something. I like to give tips to the hotel. I’m telling you, maybe a president’s not supposed to do it, but I like to leave a tip for the hotel, etcetera, etcetera,” Trump explained.

Trump asked Brenner for a copy of the photo.

“Boy, that’s a good picture,” he said.

So, President Trump is a generous man who likes to make sure he has cash on hand to tip the hard-working people whom he comes in contact with when he travels abroad. When you think about it, the President of the United States doesn’t need to carry any cash with him.

In fact, does anyone really think when Barack Obama traveled he made sure he had cash on hand to tip people? Do you think Michelle Obama was carrying twenties to tip those who served her on her many vacations abroad as the first lady?

This isn’t something Trump wanted to talk about, but it sure proves he is thinking ahead about those who are working hard. It shows he is a kind man, and that’s why American patriots drowned out the haters on social media.

“Interesting. The left goes nuts with the President having a few bills of his personal money in his pocket, yet the same people were OK with Obama sneakily sending pallets of cash to Iran,” tweeted Vince Pinto.

Ken Redman confronted the photographer Tom Brenner tweeting: “OMG, are you serious! Our President uses US currency, OMG releases the presses, big news! Isn’t it something, after donating his presidential salary to charity, he actually has some cash in his pocket. Get a life Brenner!”

One Trump-hater posted: “A perfect representation of this corrupt to the core ‘President’. What does he need cash for anyway? Going to 7/11?”

“Frogger Jones” blasted him with this response: “Uh, what? Is this sarcasm? Why do you need cash? He’s the president and is human. He didn’t have gold bullion in his pocket. If this was a democratic president, you’d praise him for having a $20 and not a $100 hanging out, because it would make him seem more like a regular guy.”

“POTUS donated money thru-out his lifetime to ppl he heard were in need. He didn’t care if it was tax-deductible. The man donates his salary back to the government. He’s amazing,” tweeted Twitter user “Steph.”

Rush Limbaugh says the silent majority of Americans are seething mad over the treatment Trump is getting.

“I think that there is, across a vast expanse of this country, I think that there are millions and millions and millions of Americans who are quietly seething, quietly enraged over everything that has gone on here since Trump was inaugurated,” Limbaugh said yesterday.

 He stated he thinks Trump can win a whopping 40 states in the upcoming election.

“If Trump won 40 states, I don’t think I’d be surprised. I believe that America is still constituted by a majority of what I call normal people. I think they’re all outraged over this. They’re livid and they’re seething. But the media’s never gonna find ’em and the media’s never gonna report their attitudes. The media’s not looking for that,” Rush added.

The majority of Americans aren’t on social media 24/7 blubbering about how they feel Trump is doing. They know the country is far better off than it was during Obama’s reign. That’s why when Election Day comes in 2020, the silent majority is going to rise up bigger and better than in 2016.

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