Leftists APPALLED After Seeing ‘Sinister’ 2-Word Sign At RNC Convention

So-called “progressives” are at it again as they strive to demonize the right side of the political aisle in whatever way they can. Now, it seems that there was a “sinister” sign at the Republican National Convention (RNC) that depicted a mere two words – and boy, are they mad.

For those unaware, the RNC is currently underway at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, and it seems that a few leftists have tagged along to see what’s going on inside. As we all know, liberals like to make a fuss just about wherever they go, and the most recent instance is no different.

A reporter with the Wall Street Journal snapped a picture. As can be seen, the image depicts a simple sign hanging from the ceiling that merely reads two simple words – “White Elevators.”

Of course, almost every liberal has jumped on the bandwagon to voice pretend “outrage” over the matter in hopes of making right wingers look bad. For instance, Raw Story deemed the sign “an Oscar-level performance in tone-deafness” and then relates it to Donald Trump’s “racism”:

The discovery comes amid controversy swirling around the GOP’s presumptive nominee, Donald Trump, who has espoused what critics have called racist views. Trump has won the support of white supremacists with his rhetoric against immigrants from Mexico, Muslim, and Jewish people.

New York Daily News even went so far as to call the signs “Jim Crow-esque” and site things such as segregation. Obviously, the signs were nothing of the sort, but that isn’t stopping leftists from using them to spew dishonest and hateful rhetoric.

The sign is actually part of a series of color-coded signs that help direct attendees of the RNC get around that may have included “Red Elevators” and “Blue Elevators.” God forbid we acknowledge the fact that “white” is still a color and doesn’t solely pertain to the skin of Caucasians. It just so happens to be one of the colors that represents our flag as well. Does this mean they will be calling for the “racist” stripes on our flag to be altered next?

It just goes to show how absolutely ridiculous the left is and how childish they can be. On the lighter side, Brian Anderson over at DownTrend comically and sarcastically reported on some of the signs you might see at the DNC should any one of you be silly enough to attend:

Meanwhile, I have it on good authority, and by that I mean I just made it up, that there will be special segregated elevators at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia:

The Black Lives Matter Elevator – For anyone who has been oppressed by systemic racism including those given speeding tickets when they were speeding or denied loans they weren’t financially qualified to get.

The Religion of Peace Elevator – For Muslims who sympathize with ISIS. This one is also known as the “Obama Elevator.”

The New Americans Elevator – For illegal aliens under a deportation order. This elevator used to be for actual American citizens but has since been taken over by illegals because they are just looking for a better way up.

The Victims Of Gun Violence Elevator – Unfortunately, anyone who has been stabbed cannot use this one. However, anyone who is horrified by the steadily declining violent crime rate in America or just pissed off at the Constitution may.

And of course, transgender people can chose to use any one of these elevators that they identify with.

The left can do what they want when it comes to spreading their crap, but stuff like this is going to hurt them in the long run. When credibility is a strong factor in success, spreading lies for quick outrage isn’t going to help them win. In the end, others will learn exactly what happened and then trust them less the next time they go looking for news.

Lies only get you so far – unless you’re Hillary Clinton, of course. In the end, they all come out. If this is the best attack they can form against Donald Trump and the GOP, it shows how desperate they are. As for any liberal pansies who are actually butthurt over the “white” sign, there’s really just two words for idiots like this – grow up.

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