Legalize Prostitution To End Sex Worker Violence — What The Left Is Missing

The advocates to make prostitution legal cite the inevitable decrease in violent attacks, rape, and murder of sex workers. Advocates of legalizing prostitution, including Amnesty International, give examples of countries where prostitution is legal, and give statistics that give credence to making prostitution legal will cut significantly lower violence for the prostitutes.


This December 17th, an “International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers” is happening. Behind this movement is Annie Sprinkles, a self-described ecosexual. Ecosexual, defined by the “Ecosexual Manifesto”:

[A] kind of earth loving sexual identity, which states, “The Earth is our lover.” The Ecosex Manifesto proclaims that not everyone must identify solely as Ecosexual, but “…Ecosexuals can be GLBTQI, heterosexual, asexual, and/or Other.

The background of this movement is important. Prostitution is a crime against one’s body, mind, and soul. Most females who are “in the life” are not there by choice. These are broken women, usually sexually abused as children.  According to “Soroptomist,” a global volunteer organization for women:

Many people believe that prostitution is a choice and a valid career path. However, this is a fallacy. Nearly all prostituted women do not choose to engage in prostitution of their own volition, but rather have been forced or coerced against their will. In the cases where women are not forced outright to engage in prostitution, they are generally forced into it by their circumstances, e.g. addiction and poverty. Additionally, 90 percent of prostituted women have been physically abused as children*, 74 percent have been sexually abused by a family member**, 50 percent have been sexually abused by a non-family member***, and 75 percent have drug problems****, damaging factors that further remove the “choice” from the equation. Once involved in prostitution, women are very often abused or murdered by johns and by pimps. In surveys of prostituted women, consistently 89 to 96 percent said that they wanted to exit the prostitution system but could not due to a lack of healthcare, money, education, and other basic resources. There is no real difference between prostitution and slavery.

The question is, what is the value of sex in a moralistic society? The question is not about decreasing violence, it’s about the root cause of these women engaging in selling their bodies — and the men who solicit these women. Even if the prostitute is not beaten, the women are already broken.

Looking into these statistics from this organization headed by Annie Sprinkles, they link to various sites that link to social justice political groups, and a study out of Norway that appears is a “thesis” type document, comparable to a college student’s report.

No one wants to enable violence against anybody, especially women and girls victimized as children, and those who are now being held by a pimp against their will. “Against their will” as these prostitutes feel that they have no other way to survive. This is the ugly truth about sex workers.


Even in states like Nevada where prostitution is legal, the women who end up working as sex workers did not get into that field after they graduated from college. Most fit the profile of being abused, running away from home, ending up stripping, and find themselves becoming prostitutes.

Most major religions, have centuries old traditions of the sacredness of sex within marriage. Societal problems, the break down of families, divorce rate 50%, teens having sex younger and younger — all these issues point to a moralistic break down.

The left promotes sex education in schools starting in first grade. This is from Marx and his playbook for breaking down families – the end game dissociating families,  extracting the children’s minds away from parental control. From WND News:

“Karl Marx said that in order to establish a perfect socialist state, you have to destroy the family,” said family psychologist and author John Rosemond. “You have to substitute the government and its authority for parental authority in the rearing of children.”

Although prostitution is known as “the oldest profession,” modern society with the Internet, movies, and availability of sexually perverse material is common place. Human trafficking of young girls is an epidemic.

Below is a video of Pastor Kevin Brown, a retired Vice Detective turned Pastor, who rescues women involved in prostitution.

The solution is not to make prostitution legal. Some issues, such as evil in society, do not have an answer. Legalizing an evil will only lead to evil prevailing, widening its grip on a society being led by those who wish to see the sacredness of life erased forever.

[h/t Daily Caller]

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